Making and devising ping backlinks has its advantages and is something which is given a lot of importance by many website developers/owners. Why so much time is being invested is interesting fact in itself. The reason can be attributed to the fact that Google gives it a lot of value. So, if you wish to make your website run on the top notch of any search engine, it is really a good idea to give efforts, time and money. How and in which manner you can do is yet more interesting.

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While so many people ask if it is essential to ping back links; we say that it depends upon the number of backlinks one is adding to its website. So, simply make sure that you are not adding to many backlinks – just to avoid it being picked up by things like Google Penguin. To include pinging in any of the backlinks simply means that one is sending a notification to the search engine to catch the website. This is done to get more links, more traffic and added circulation of your blog/website.

Tricks to Indexing the Back linking
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For adding ping backlinking you can:
· Indexification: This kind of method creates RSS feeds and pings eack link a number of times. It is also helpful in creating site maps and content pages. However, it has got its disadvantages too. It is considered the one which uses RSS feeds which can incur penalties if not used carefully. On the positive side, it is one of the cheapest methods to do the backinking.

· Nuclear Links: This kind of indexer creates RSS feeds to your links and then creates backlinks thereby helping in indexing. Whereas it is thought of to be very easy to build and maintain; it is not considered a very safe option. It also stops working if indexing reaches 50%.

· Scrapebox Rapid Indexer: One of the easiest, fast and easy to use it creates links using actual statistics of the blog on the basis of present links. It comes free of cost with scrapebox license; however it is not considered a good tool for pinging.

· One Hour One must have heard this name several times, as it is used by many. It is considered one of the best tools as it easily gets Google to index your links at a very high rate. To add to the positive points, it is comparatively very less priced. It is also very handy when it comes to its usage.

While the requirement of ping backlinks has changed drastically over the years, it is still there. Companies use it for the running of their blogs and websites. That is the reasonwhy so many programs are there to run the ping backlinks method to increase the popularity of a blog/website.

In the end, whichever method you use to increase ping backlinking, make sure that it is tested well to get the best results out. Leave no point untouched to get the best result for your blog/website! 

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