According to a report in Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Yahoo is going to include local content and listings into the main search results. Yelp has a deal with Microsoft – Bing and Apple. API of Yelp permits third parties to use a portion of local listings and its reviews. The clearer version of Bing deal with much better integration was announced in the month of June, last year. The things are going to be changed rapidly and search engines are trying to get advantages by adopting latest techniques and technology.

Recently Yahoo has started to introduce an elaborative and new presentation of local business in the search results of the search engine. Like Bing and Google, a structured box will be added on the right side offering broad level enhanced information. Now the Yelp reviews, content and photos can be experienced in integrated form like the example of Bing. The Yahoo can go further if it thinks that the content of Yelp is potential differentiator. Yahoo has been undergoing a large number of experiences to capture its market and regain value. Once they show positive results then definitely it will bring good changes.

Yahoo and Local Search
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We know there is great competition among different search engines as they want to move ahead from one another. The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is trying to update Yahoo in different ways. The frustrations have been added with the relationship of Bing but still the effort of up-gradation is continue on different grounds. UI and content improvements in the PC results of Yahoo may stop the market share but it is being tried to regain the Yahoo desktop search. This development is not done by a single search engine but all others are trying to offer best results against a single query. Now the use of internet is common on PCs and Mobile devices so one should be ready to get his or her objectives in both ways.

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Now it is going to be more interesting to know that how Yahoo will use the Yelp content in search results by Mobile devices. It shows that Yahoo has trying to gain some ground and there is opportunity as well. Suppose the story of WSJ is true, Yelp should be rewarded by the market for the high profile deal. The reviews obtained from local market reported growth and solid revenue last week. Once this change is penetrated in users well and they get benefits of it then definitely the Yahoo will have a good place and position.

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