Although in its early development stages, the protocols of Google Glass are offering some great prospects. The futuristic technology of Google Glass essentially transforms a smartphone into eyeglass frames. Police officers and lawyers can benefit from the convenient tools available right in front of the eyes when wearing Google Glass.

Modern Technology Helping Law Enforcement
Google Glass is a technology that can be easily applied for helping police officers and other law enforcement officials when it comes to dealing with crime. For example, these glasses can detect a speeding motorist in a street, something that’s difficult to estimate with the naked eye.

Could Google Glass Possibly Aid Lawyers and Law Enforcement Officers?
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Similarly, Google Glass technology allows law enforcement officials to receive information about anything that’s in the field of view without having to open up a laptop and start typing. For example, the glasses can offer information about an old building where a murder is being investigated. Online resources such as encyclopedias and other reliable sites offer accurate information that is simply not found in a private police database. Google Glass face recognition technology can also help police officers immediately identify any fugitives and other wanted criminals that may blend in with a large crowds in public places. Voice commands are also very convenient for officers that may need real time data while using their hands for doing other tasks such as pulling out a gun or other equipment.

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Google Glass In the Legal World
The most important benefit that Google Glass can provide in the legal world is evidence. These glasses are loaded with video recording and photo snapping capabilities. A person wearing Google Glass can therefore record movies or take pictures of a crime or other event that will later be involved with a lawsuit. There is no better evidence in the court of law than raw video footage and high quality images.

With Google Glass, lawyers don’t have to rely on stories as visual proof is widely available. Chino Law PLLC is an example of a legal practice that can benefit tremendously when defending clients that have Google Glass evidence to present in a courtroom. Assaults, accidents and other confrontations can be easily recorded with Google Glass. Otherwise, people don’t have enough time or sense to pull our a cell phone or digital camera and start recording a dangerous situation.

Google Glass technology can be a crime stopper and a crime defendant. Advanced features in these futuristic eyeglasses provide indisputable evidence of events as they unfold.

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