The Dominance of Facebook as a Social Platform

Facebook is still the champion as an effective social networking tool. According to the latest report, it is still the number one social media platform, in spite of losing some ground lately to give room to other sites. Social media marketing plays a major role in the integrated marketing mix of start up businesses. What starts with one leader in any given division, be it public relations, customer service, marketing, advertising, interactive, eventually inspires an entire enterprise to socialize.

Thus, when Facebook retains its position as the top social networking site, usually a domino effect ensues toppling each field, triggering a sense of urgency and gaining momentum through its path. And, it also marks the onset of our journey through the various stages of networking integration. However, other major networks through some smaller platforms and messaging apps are also quickly rising in popularity with more and more mobile-first audiences in a social landscape that is ever changing.

The Dominance of Facebook as a Social Platform
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Facebook Dominance
Around 10% of the world’s online users are yet to experience social media. Businesses usually jump into networking platform, without developing a strategic plan rooted in objectives and goals. Companies do not weigh the impact of engagement on the brand itself. Social media leaders, depending on the department in which they belong to, usually monitor and engage in communications that would lie outside the company’s domain. Facebook which is still the dominant social media network, has always been an attractive suitor for many emerging businesses.


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Influence of the Rest of the Networking Platforms
Apart from the giant Facebook, social networking growth all across the globe certainly involves many other players like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr etc. It is always worthwhile to consider different other networking sites that keep popping up in latest market trends. As a social networking tool, Twitter has certainly gained strength. Well, as a marketing tool whether it will be able to erode some Facebook influence or not can be an interesting question.

Internet Marketing: Gaining Popularity with Facebook
In recent times, people certainly believe that Facebook consistently maintains its global dominance. According to statistics, between 2007 and 2008 the total amount of time spent on this particular networking site increased by 566%. With a global online reach, its increase in popularity improved by 168% between 2007 and 2008. However, it is interesting to note that LinkedIn also experienced a significant increase of 137% during the same time period. Here is a discussion about the current and often conflicting chatter about FB and its challengers. Hopefully, it will help you stay ahead with improved online marketing strategy.

As the saying goes, change is the only constant in this dynamic world. In the landscape of social media marketing, shift may not be underway yet, but many people believe there are some subtle changes occurring. Businesses enjoying the full potential of social media marketing, possibly have a presence on Facebook, and there is yet no reason to give it up.

However, there is no harm in being on the lookout for the next big thing, since it is a well known fact that even online marketing giants tend to fall. In the tech industry, the rebuff also unveils a shifting perception of Facebook. As the once scrappy start-up develops into a sprawling organization, younger enterprises who view themselves as disruptive do not find the size and cushy campus of Facebook as appealing. Naturally, many of them are trying to offer alternatives to Facebook, and it necessary means selling to Facebook would defeat their entire purpose.

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