How You Use Google Search in Your Day to Day Life?

We don’t need to tell anyone about worlds best search engine and one of the most popular company on the internet that is Google, yes Google. As we all know about Google today and using its products and services in our day to day life. But here I will discuss some of the best services which Google search provider and how we use them in our day to day life.
About Google
Google is a company which is known for its best search engine and some other great services like Google maps, Google Docs, YouTube, Google Plus, Android, Blogger etc and lots of other great services. According to Wikipedia ”Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include search, cloud computing, software, and online advertising technologies. Most of its profits are derived from AdWords”
I think we can’t imagine the whole internet world without Google today, as it helps every time when we need something from the internet and it just takes a second to get our answer.
My story with Google Search
In my case, every time when i have to know anything about i just go to Google and search it and in a second i get my answer, most of the time i start my day searching on Google and it really helped me and have saved lots my of time. Some of the best services which i really like the most is Google search, this is the best and fastest way to get your answer from the internet which saves lots of time, if you know the right way of searching on Google then you can get your answer in just a few seconds. The second one is Google maps, this is a great service from Google as i use Google maps to know about the new routes, locations, new places, hotels, parking. Traffic, etc and i get turn by turn direction while driving the bike, car or walk with its voice navigation system which helps a lot to get my destination.Watch a video Below, how it helps you to get anything you want.

Google Voice Search
I use Google voice search also and it really helps when i am in a car and want to know about the routes or just want reach somewhere, I just have to say my words and it starts navigating me to that location and i don’t need to pic up my phone to type the location.
Easy Calculations
You can easily calculate anything on Google by using it’s calculator, just Google it and type calculator and in a second a calculator would be on your computer screen.  Just type and calculate anything you want, and you can also use it’s scientific calculator.
Currency converter
If you want to know the rates of any currency you can just go to Google and put the amount of the currency with the currency sign or logo and in a second the present currency conversion rates would be on your screen. In this way, you can check the different types of currency rates very easily.

Google search by image
This is a cool and great way to search for anything by using an image with Google image search. If you have an image then you can find all the details and information about that image very easily, to search by an image just get the image and go to ‘Google search by image’ and upload your image there and hit enter and you will get all the related information about that image if available.


In the end, I can just say that Google search has made my life very easy to live, as it helped a lot in finding everything which I wanted. By using Google search we can find almost every answer to our questions very fast and it helps every time when we need something from the internet.

You can also share your experience with us that how you use Google search in your day to day life? You can leave your comments below.

Rizwan Ahmad

Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.


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