8 Misconceptions About Google AdSense Every Blogger and Website Owner Must Know

Today I am going to tell you about ‘’8 misconceptions about Google Adsense that every blogger must know’’. Few days back, I was reading peoples comment on a website, and the debate was quite long as they all were talking about Google Adsense, that should they use Google Adsense or not?, is Google Adsense a better Revenue sharing program or not?.

Most of them were blaming Google Adsense for not getting Good money from their blog. All they were blaming that, this is not a Good revenue sharing program, the rules are very tough, Google doesn’t accept websites and blogs very easily, People can’t make good money with Adsense, etc. But this was not true at all, I disagreed with every once comment who were blaming Google Adsense just because the misconception they had about Google Adsense.

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8 Misconceptions About Google AdSense
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So here I decided to clear all that misconception which so many people, blogger and website owners have about Google Adsense.

1-    AdSense makes readers leave the website: It’s not true, there are so many people who really think that Adsense ads makes their readers leave their website, I mean I can’t understand that how it could be possible that how Adsense ads can make people leave your website, this is just a ridiculous thought. So many people were saying that when a user comes to their website they click on Adsense ads and it redirects them to the advertiser’s website and this way Adsense makes their users leave their website.

But how it could be possible? If your website has the information that the person was looking for then he will read your content, but if he will not get the exact information then he might leave your website, otherwise he will read the post and then he might leave. An Adsense ad doesn’t makes us leave any website until we don’t want to click on an Adsense ad it’s depends on our own interest if we want to click on ads or not, if you will click then surely you will be redirected to the advertiser website.

2- Getting an Adsense Account is Very Hard Today: This is not also true, I think getting an Adsense account is much easier than any other revenue sharing program. The fact is we don’t want to do anything for our blog and we just want that Google should accept our blog whether our blog follow the Google webmaster guidelines or not, have good written content or not. There are so many bloggers out there who really want to be successful blogger, but they do not want to work hard for their blog. They just write 20 to 30 articles, don’t even think about their blog design, don’t make their blog easy to navigate, don’t make it search engine friendly, and expect that Google will accept their application for Adsense.

Remember Google may accept your blog into Adsense if you do the following things.

      Write quality content: It’s really important that you create good quality content on your blog. Don’t ignore anything which is required for creating good content. A good quality content can give you everything that you want from your blog. I know that for new bloggers it could be a little bit hard but if you continue with the effort that will surely increase your writing skill.
      Make your blog easy to navigate: Your blog should be easy to navigate, so people can easily find all the content on your blog.
      Create all important pages: Create all important pages on your blog, it should include

        About us or about me page
        Sitemap page 
        Copyright page
        Privacy policy page

You must include information about ad choices and cookie policy on this page.
      Improve blog design: create a good looking blog, it should look nice and clean. You can use many good blogger templates for this.

3- Too many rules to follow: Following all the rules in starting could be very hard for any new blogger. But if you concentrate, you can easily comply with all the Google webmaster rules very easily. Just try to do the things I have listed above and follow the simple Google webmaster guidelines that’s it.

4- Adsense support sucks: I think Adsense publishers don’t ever need any support personally to get their answers, there are forums related to every field where you can get all your answers very fast. Adsense forum saves lots of time because the answers to our questions are already there, just start typing your question and it will give you the suggestions for the same question if finds the same question for the same topic.

5- If you get banned, you will never get your AdSense account back:  why you will get banned? If you don’t break the rules, just follow the Google Adsense policies and stick with them and you will never get banned.

6- Low CPC (Cost Per Click) Rates: Google Adsense is one of the best revenue sharing program and it pays higher CPC rates than any other revenue sharing program. There are more than 2 lakhs Google Adsense publisher around the world and so many of them are earning huge amount of money from Google Adsense. Don’t say ever that Adsense doesn’t pay much, make your website or blog popular by writing good quality content increase your social media engagement by interacting with people on social media. Then you will see how your earnings will grow. If you are not able to make money with your blog or website the you can’t just blame Google for this.

7- Little editorial control:  This is not true, Google Adsense provides its publishers a great range of tools into their Adsense account, so they can easily control which adsense ad unit they want to use, which types of ads they want to show on their website, you can easily block and filter certain type of ads on your website so Google will show only those ads which you have allowed in your Adsense Account. Google and many other advertising networks use cookies to serve relevant ads on a user’s website.

When you visit any website like an online shopping website then their cookies get saved on your browser, and Google and other ads network uses these cookies to serve relevant ads on your browser, and this is the best part of Google Adsense. Most of the Adsense ads appear on your website by using your browsers cookies and history. You can manually block these cookies in your browser from settings or you can also remove them from your browser.

8- Big delay in payment: This is also not true. I get all of my payments in time I am from India and every month I receive my payment by cheque. But there is no delay in payments. Every time when my payment reached the minimum payment threshold at $100, I get my cheque in next 10 to 15 days it depends on the courier service.

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Google Adsense is a great and fantastic ways of making money with your blog, by sitting in your home. But there are rules like in every work, office, business, and we have to follow them if we really want to get success. Always think positive, try to work hard, success comes to those who really don’t stops. No one could be a billionaire in one day, it takes lots of time and patience.

There are lots of people, especially in Asian countries who really want to get everything just by paying nothing. So try to make a good blog, write Good quality content. Increase your social media engagement with people. I have given 4 to 5 years of hard work and learning all these things, and then, today I become able to write something like this.

What you think about Google Adsense and other advertising networks, Must share your views in the comments below.

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