Today I will tell you about some of the best online tools, which will help you to know everything about a website. Many times we really need these type of information like who is the owner of a website, how to contact with the owner of that website, where is the website hosted, who is the hosting provider, what is the age of the website, estimated value of the website etc.Well, this is not an issue, as our online community has always something relevant to our need. There are many online tools available which you can easily use to know everything about a website. Here I will discuss about 11 best online tools which will let you know everything about a website, let’s see below.

11 Online Tools to Know Everything About a Website
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1- If you are looking for any Emails address, Contact number or any address of the owner of any website, this website can help you find these contact details of the owner of a website. This site uses all the current data from all the latest domains created and get updated simultaneously.

2- This free website lets you know the details such as the name of the company, where the company website is hosted, what is the age of the domain, etc. Just put the website name and hit enter and it will get you all the details about that website.

3- This free online tool lets you know about the popularity of your website on all the major social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. You can easily know the Google Page Rank of any website also.

4- This free tool gives you some very important information about a website and it also tells you so many things about your PC also, that what is your IP address, your location, what browser you are using, etc. You can also know the details of a website including IP address, hosting company, IP location, hosting address, and when last time IP address was changed on a website etc.

5- This site stored all the copies of complains, when a copyright complains made against any website, so it can be accessible to anyone who really want to know about any complaints against a website.

6- This particular website lets you know about the Adsense publisher ID and Google analytics code, so you can easily determine that how many domains belong to the same owner.

7- This is a free tool which lets you know about the technologies used behind any website. Just go to the site and enter your site URL, and it will give you all the information like hosting provider, email service provider, CMS provider, which advertising networks a website is using, which analytic tool a website using etc, the list is quite long.

8- You can easily analyze any website here, as it provides so much information about a website like organic search traffic, Adsense, site traffic, SEO research, etc. This site provides graphic data so you can easily understand about everything with the help of the graphs.

9- with whatsmydns you can easily check all your previous DNS records from various locations. This is because some time when moving to a new domain or we buy a new domain from one host to another hosting company then it checks all that previous DNS records including CNAME and MX record.

10- Using this tool you can easily know that how your website appears on different devices and browsers. Using this site you can know that how much your website is compatible with different web browsers and devices and it also shows coding errors in your website that might create problems.

11- Here you can analyze your website page speed score that how your website performs on both mobile and desktop devices. Google also gives you suggestion that how to fix any problem if get any of them on your site.

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These websites will surely help you to know many details about a website. All of them are different from each other, you can use these free tools according to your need.

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