How to Prevent Your Blog or Website from Malicious Malware and Trojan Viruses

Trojan viruses and malicious malware are something that could easily harm almost any website and blog very easily and this is something that you probably don’t want on your blog or website.

But how these viruses gets into your blog and makes your blog down? Well, in this post we will talk about the virus and malware attack on your blog and how they gets into our blog and how we can keep our blogs safe from these type of viruses and malware.

Prevent Your Blog or Website from Malicious Malware and Trojan Viruses
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There could be many reasons our blogs can get into trouble by different type of viruses and malware, especially for a blogger blog.


1- Using any third party HTML codes and scripts
2- Using any third party widget codes
3- Linking to an Unsafe site or blog which is already blacklisted by Google
4-     Using any bad templates 

The best example I can give here about a blacklisted blog is ‘Abu Farhan blog’ if you want to check then just try to search on Google and you will see that Google is showing a message that ‘this site may harm your computer’ it’s because this blog is infected with some malicious malware, and this blog is now blacklisted by Google.

There was a Site Map widget code on this blog which was downloaded and used by so many other blogger on their blogs and after sometime many of them found that there blog is infected by some very harm full malwares and some of them have received an emails from Google, about this malware attack on their blogs.

The good thing about blogger is, when your blog gets into such type of situation, Google send alert about any malicious activities on our blog with the page URL where it founds any critical issue, and you can easily resolve that issue by removing that malicious scripts and codes from that specific page.

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Things you can do to prevent such type of malicious malware attack on your blog.

1- Try to avoid using any third party HTML Codes and Scripts: Don’t use any third party HTML codes or scripts on your blog which you don’t trust or you think that it could be dangerous for your blog.

2- Avoid using any third party widget codes: Try to avoid using any third party widget codes on your blog. Sometimes we try to add some widgets into our blog and we use the widget codes provided by some other blogs. While using the codes we don’t care about the quality of that blog and don’t check the popularity of that blog, Try to find that if the blog who is providing the codes is popular enough or nor. You can simply head over to its comments and social engagement of that blog and you will easily know that what users are saying about the post on that blog. It’s just like reading a review when you go online to purchase any product. You can see the Abu Farhan’s example above.

3- Try to avoid Linking to any malicious or blacklisted websites or blogs: If you allow guest post on your blog then wait a minute and try find out that the guest post you are going to publish does not include any malicious, harm full, or any blacklisted website or blog links. You should check each and every links that you are going to include into your guest post.

You can check it by searching the website or blog address on Google first, and then you can try to open it on your browsers if there would be any problem your browser will block the website or blog, if not then you can go ahead. You can also check the out bound links online by using many online website security checking tools, Sucuri, Norton Safe Web, Symantec Security Check etc, that will easily let you know that the links is malicious and harmful or not.

4-    Don’t use bad or inappropriate blogger templates: Sometimes you blog easily gets into trouble just because the template you use on your blogger blog is not good and there are many harmful and malicious links in the template, and when you download and install that template, your blog gets into trouble by different types of malware and viruses. So don’t download any template from anywhere until you don’t trust the uploader of that template. We always get stuck with such type of problem when we are looking for a free templates and with free templates we get so many free malware and viruses.

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By following above tips you can prevent any cause which can be possible by many different malicious malware attacks. Just keep in mind that following these ways you can easily prevent you blog or website from any virus attacks and your users will get a safe and trusted blog to read.

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