Therapy is a key component to recovering from drugs and addictions. Below we have listed 4 Apps to Aid in Addiction
This is a daily recovery app for iPhone, Android, iPad and all other web browsing devices.
Recoverize was built to help with your daily recovery routine and is recommended by drug rehab centers in St. Louis. It includes features like the AA Daily Reflections reading and the NA Just For Today reading. Recoverize also includes links to other recovery literature and resources, has daily speaker tapes and recovery stories.

Keep track of your sober/clean time, chat with other members in the recoverize chat room, get location based recovery events, and most importantly contribute to recoverize and help others in their journey of recovery. FREE OF CHARGE

Joe & Charlie — AA
Listen to analysis of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous by Joe & Charlie with over 6 hours of audio. Read the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous anywhere. Search for keywords while in discussion meetings. Get Daily Meditations right on your iPhone or iTouch. The One Day At A Time App is the perfect recovery system in your pocket. Full 164 Pages of the Big Book and 44 Stories from the 1st & 2nd Edition. Jump to Any Page in the Big Book – Highlight Words or Phrases in the Big Book. Remembers your last position in every chapter. Robert Keathly.

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Friend of Jimmy
Keep track of your recovery with this app for Narcotics Anonymous members. See your recovery time broken down into years, months, days, hours and minutes. Click on the time to see days only. Includes over 350 NA slogans, randomly displayed when you click the coffee mug for another “cup of wisdom.”

Afternoon Affirmations
This app sends users inspirational quotes, photos or videos every day at 1 pm. It is aimed at people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, prescription drug addiction, gambling addiction or eating disorders.
The most important thing to remember is that relapse does not mean your treatment was a failure. As opposed to giving up, get back on the wagon as quickly as you can.

Call your sponsor, speak with your therapist, go to a meeting, or schedule an appointment with your doctor. Contact a treatment center in Melbourne and get the help you need.

When you are sober again and out of immediate danger, try to recognize triggers the relapse, what went wrong, and what you could have done differently. You can choose to get back on the path to recovery and use the experience to strengthen your commitment.

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