Darker Side of the Internet

A lot conservative parents treat the Internet as one the most serious problems that have to be deal with in order to guarantee their kids’ total safety. Those attitudes are very often created by orthodox confessors of the faith and conservative people. It is quite extreme approach. However, it is applied by a lot of people around the world. Those people think that the network is a place full of serious threats, lies and dangers.

But is it good to isolate kids from the most popular source of knowledge and communication channel nowadays? It depends. Everything is up to the users. If kids are well educated and aware of all the dangerous elements of the network activity, parents do not have to worry about anything.

Darker Side of the Internet

Those skills may be taught by parents or closest friends. However, it will be better if parents were able to teach their children everything personally. At first, they have to gain some practical knowledge first. In order to do so, they should create an e-mail and some social media accounts to see how it works and what actions they can perform. After they get some overview, it is the right time to shows child how it should be done. Learning by doing is the best method to teach the youngest how to behave in the Web, so instead of fear, parents should adopt the net and show their closest how to do it in a good and safe way.


How to protect kids?
Another way to improve the level of security in the Net is to locate home computer in an open area so each family member will have an access to it. When child is aware that everybody can see what is on the screen, he or she is not going to even think about looking for some inappropriate content. As far as the education is concerned, it is good to explain the youngest why some content and some activities shouldn’t be performed. Examples of sexual harassment with use of the social media and potential dramatic consequences may be a very good point to discourage kids to talk with the strangers online.

IT solutions
There are also plenty of computer programs that are able to effectively control the user activity. Parental controls – as this type of software is called, usually consist of a lot of useful features that are easy to use through the graphical user interface. The main actions that can be performed are: blocking the websites that are on the black list or allowing user to enter only the pages that appears on white list, filtering e-mail box against the messages that were sent by the unknown sources or reporting all the traffic that took place on the computer device.

Is the network so bad?
To sum up, we have to admit that the Internet is a great tool to expand the interests and develop many skills and hobbies. However, it looks like that only when it is used properly with full awareness and good intentions. It all depends on the user.

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