Blogging nowadays doesn’t end when you leave the comforts of your own home.

Smartphones and tablets play an important role in the blogging industry and you’d best know how to utilize them well in order to fully realize your potential as a blogger. Android systems in particular have tons of apps that can help you better your web log in no time.

The following are eight apps that you can download on your Android device for blogging purposes. Use them well and you might just be the talk of the town in no time.

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Eight Android Apps Must-Have for the Blogger
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1. Blogger
Blogger is the perfect application for people who are always on the go. This app enables you to create new posts, edit your old ones, control multiple blog accounts and include images on your Android device. Certainly a must-have if you can’t always bring your laptop with you. Blogging made possible even with your smartphone or tablet.

2. Clockwork Tomato
Are you one of those people who overexerts themselves when they blog? If your answer is yes, then Clockwork Tomato is the app for you. Always keep in mind that fatigue hinders your productivity level and so, rest is as important as working hard. Using a time management system called the “Pomodoro Technique”, this app reminds you to take essential breathers every now and then.

3. Google Analytics
Success in this industry can only be measured by how many people have been reached by your blog. Google Analytics is a free application that helps you monitor page visits, search terms and other technical stuff. Install this if you want to be the next big thing in the daily SERPs.

4. Google Drive
 Cloud storage is considered as the best way of preserving the pictures you have amassed. Storing the images you have collected over the span of your blogging career is a must. This is where Google Drive comes in. Aside from having a massive storage capacity, it also makes sharing of content in-between users easier.

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5. Pixlr
If you’re more of a photo blogger, then you might want to check out Pixlr. This app specializes in simple editing of images such as cropping and adding of filters and texts. It’s pretty much basic Photoshop at the palm of your hands.

6. Sunrise
Keeping tabs of the date is important for a blogger. You need to be consistent with your blog updates and thus, you should always be aware of what day it is. Sunrise is an app that goes with your Google Calendar. By featuring a 3-day view and event note system, you’ll never lose track of your blogging duties.

7. Tumblr
As everyone knows, Tumblr is the perfect service for casual bloggers. However, it also serves as a medium for social interaction by allowing content sharing and reposting. Needless to say, you should always have it on your Android device.

8. WordPress
If you’re really serious about blogging then you should already have a WordPress account by now. The mobile version enables you to do whatever it is you do on your PC. Basically it enables you to write and edit posts, respond to comments, add images and so much more when you’re on the move.

Blogging is an evolving industry and so, you must always keep up with the trends if you ever wish to succeed in it. The above mentioned applications are the best blogging tools you can have on your Android device right now. Go and download them!

Do you know any other App? that you want want to share with us, just leave it in the comments below.

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