6 Ultimate Blogging Tools You Should Use

Blogging is a business. Whether you’re running a an online marketing company or even an ecommerce site, blogging is essential to keep your SEO efforts in check as well as make you relevant.

As a bonafied blogger, you need aids in order to reap benefits out of what you do. Some of these aids come in a form of blogging tools. So here are some of the ultimate ones you need to be using right at this instant.

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6 Ultimate Blogging Tools You Should Use
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1. Ubersuggest
One can’t possibly know everything about everything. While this is the case, good bloggers know how to research for information about a certain topic as well as the thought leaders in the field that could help them.

Ubersuggest is a tool you can use to know what the latest news and trends are surrounding keywords and phrases you use. Results can be sifted through Google Suggestions, Images, Google Shopping and more.

This can be particularly useful for those who want to get factual, empirical and credible updates about the topics they’re blogging about.

A similar and equally reliable tool is TrendSpottr.

2. Evernote
If you’re looking for the ultimate OCD tool to keep track of everything, Evernote is the perfect choice. Whether you have a random idea that you can’t blog about now or save an array of files to revisit soon, this tool works very well.

What’s more is you can easily sync Evernote with your devices so you wouldn’t have to organize your thoughts in your tablet, phone, laptop and back again. This is great if you’re dealing with a huge collection of content and you need to constantly recall inspiration.

3. Focus Booster
Bloggers aren’t machines. They are 100% human who are also prone to distractions. This is why it’s not extraordinary for one to find himself/herself unable to focus on what they’re trying to come up with.

Focus Booster is a Pomodoro Technique app all on its own, timing someone 25 minutes to accomplish as much as one can. This is perfect for bloggers who have a difficulty concentrating, especially those days when laziness and absentmindedness take over.

Of course, a 5-minute break right after wouldn’t hurt.

4. Visual.ly
It’s no big news that blogging should not be limited to writing alone. This is why inforgraphics, vlogs, images and other visuall-driven content are a big plus.

If you lack the skills of designing your own visual, Visual.ly cam make everything else easy for you. It has a creation tool that can help you make your own infographics among others.

If you prefer to get a professional designer to do it for you, you can also hire out of Visual.ly’s marketplace.

5. SocialMention
Social media and blogging go hand in hand. Apart from integrating your content in different platforms, it also pays to know what others think about you and your brand.

Whether you are tagged or not, SocialMention helps you zero in on what the impressions you get from people in social media platforms are. This helps you see how your product/s as well as content is being viewed and how you can use this to your advantage.

This is a way for you to be in the know as well as address concerns and customer feedback to keep your business on the good side.

6. Crazy Egg
Created by the genius that is Neil Patel, Crazy Egg can help you track and actually turn your blogging efforts into measurable results.

It’s able to provide you with web stats like the number of visitors you get on your blog, which posts have the most views and even the details of each page that you choose to track.

Consider these tools as your weapons for better blogging. In enough time, you’ll be able to see the growth and progress you’ve always wanted to achieve.

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