Have you ever tried to know that, how you surf the web? what are the websites I have visited recently? Where have I clicked on the web? what is my interest in the web and how Google evaluate my interests and activities on the web?.

Yes, you probably didn’t try this before. Here are 10 ways that Google uses to determine your interest based activities on the webs that every internet and Google user should know.

1- Google keeps track of your interest and activities on the web by creating a Google profile based on your activities on websites you have visited recently on the web. It helps Google to determine your interest on the web so it can deliver a more relevant advertisement based on your interests. You can use the link below to know what Google knows about you.


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Creating a new user account with your existing email address, but usually we have to use something like @gmail.com as our username but with this URL you can use any other email address as your Google account username.


3- Google Takeout, this is a way which lets you download all of your Google plus photos, contacts, emails, and youtube videos as an archive file very easily. Just head over to the below URL and select the Google products that you want to export or download as an archive.


4- If someone is scraping your content or publishing your content on some other website, then you can use this tool to make a DMCA complain against that site to get the content down from that website. You can also use this tool to remove such websites from Google search that are scraping your content.


5- Want to track your lactation history of the places that you have visited recently? If you use Google map on your phone to get navigation on the street, you can track and get your entire lactation history of the places that you have visited recently. Just head over the URL below, it will let you know your entire lactation history and if you want you can also download it as KML file.


6- Google records everything that you type and search, by typing your search term into the Google search box. It also keep records of every clicks that you make on the ad on the different website while surfing the web and voice search that perform by saying OK Google.  You can easily control your Google search history or if you want you can also delete everything or by selecting a single item from the list.


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7– If you have multiple Google accounts then it could be possible that you might not be using any of your Gmail account for more than 9 month, in this situation Google may terminate your entire Google account, so what would happen to your photos, videos, contacts etc? there could be many reasons which can prevent you from accessing your Google account for more than 9 months, to prevent you from the situation like this Google has given you an option to choose what happens to your data.

By this, you can setup any of your main Gmail account as a trusted content for your secondary account and then Google keep sending you the alerts every few months to login to your Google account. Can’t be used for Google Apps.


8– Is some on is using your Google account and are you worried about this? Just head over to the URL below to that will let you know about all the devices that has been used to access your Google account, you will also know the I.P. address and the approximate location.


9– On this URL will find all of your mobile apps, web apps, Google scripts, that have been given permission to use your Google account to access the services. By this, you can keep control on the apps and services that you have given permission to access your Google account and if you want you can revoke the action you have made on the services by clicking the revoke access button.


10 Unfortunately if you ever get your Google account hacked, you can use the blow URL to reset your admin password, it will ask you to verify your domain name by creating a CNAME record in your DNS system.

Just replace the ‘domain.com’ with your domain name.

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