2014 is coming to an end, and it’s safe to say that PlayStation 4 has wowed us with incredible exclusives along the year. Because we love video games, we cannot wait to see PS4’s upcoming releases. The console doesn’t just offer an exceptional gaming experience; it takes the whole meaning of playing a game to a different level. Leaving aside the flawless graphics and crystal-clear visuals, PlayStation 4 is a groundbreaking device. Here are some approaching games you’ll want to get your hands on as soon as they hit the market.

Far Cry 4 (November 18, 2014)

This 4th version of the Far Cry franchise looks incredibly promising. Players step into the unknown land of Kyrat in the Himalayas, and they will find themselves trapped under a despotic regime ruled by a self-appointed king. Thanks to the open-world nature of the game, you get to write your own story using vehicles, animals and personalized weapons. According to some critics, it looks like Far Cry 4 is all set to deliver the most immersive and expansive experience you’ve ever seen in a massive open-world video game. Gear up and get ready to conquer fortresses; admire the wildlife and do whatever you can to stay alive. Watch out as the animals can either be your friends or your most feared enemies!

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The Crew (December 2, 2014)

Published by Ubisoft, The Crew comes this December to the PS4. Do you have what it takes to take over the 510s, Detroit’s most notorious street racers? Players will have to infiltrate in the underground racing scene in order to mess up the gang’s plans. Race the bustling streets of Los Angeles and New York, and then move on to sunny Miami Beach. The Crew doesn’t just offer amazing racing locations as it comes with lots of surprises for avid players, too. There will be many driving challenges you’ll have to pass, so be ready to meet others on the road – some are rivals, others will prove to be worthy companions.

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The Crew
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Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (December 9, 2014)

Square Enix brings us Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris this December. The game’s action will take place in Egypt, and in this new adventure, Lara is compelled to team up with Carter Bell, a rival treasure hunter. At a first glimpse, the PS4 exclusive seems quite appealing. Together with her companions, Lara must battle with legendary deities and mystical creatures in order to fulfill her mission. As a sequel to Guardian of Light, Temple of Osiris features the most unbelievable visuals; there’s also a cool new story behind the action and a heroine we just love to see solve puzzles and surpass deadly traps.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
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Dreamfall Chapters (this November)

Chapters is the extension of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. It continues the saga between the world of magic and the world of science, and it features various episodes. Avid players will engage in a mysterious journey and along the way they’ll meet different characters and uncover beautiful locations. Can you handle the ending? At the end of your journey you’ll stumble upon the eventual mystery – the publishers have not revealed much, but they promised the saga will reach a stunning and surprising conclusion.

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Dreamfall Chapters
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The Elder Scrolls Online (this December)

At last, one of the most awaited games of the year is coming to PS4 this December. The Elder Scrolls Online brings the mythical experience of the acclaimed RPG franchise online for the very first time. Concentrate on the strategies, play alone or with your friends and enjoy the game’s unique combat system. There are three alliances looking to take over the world and gain supremacy, so you should be ready for battle. Customize your in-game abilities, choose your weapons and uncover the great mysteries of Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Online
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