Challenges & Opportunities of Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobility has gained critical dimensions in today’s world. With mobility being such an integral part of the lives of today’s generation, it is no surprise that mobile computing has rapidly developed. Mobile computing and cloud computing have been amalgamated into an excellent technology called “Mobile Cloud Computing” which incorporates cloud computing into mobile environment and eliminates performance related issues.

All technologies have their own set of opportunities and challenges at the preliminary stage and mobile cloud computing is no exception. As the technology develops, the present challenges are sure to be overcome.

Let us have a sneak peek into the opportunities and challenges offered by a mobile cloud:


The mobile cloud offers several opportunities to any enterprise. They include:

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Real time data availability:
This is perhaps the most important of all advantages of computing on a mobile cloud. Users have access to real time data whenever and wherever they desire. The data uploaded on the mobile cloud is managed by a third party i.e. the service provider of the cloud which makes it easy to update and access data in real time. Another benefit is that it can be accessed by a number of users at the same time.

Flexibility is an outcome of real time availability of data. Data can be accessed from any location as long as your device is connected to the “world wide web”. Not only can you access data but also applications that are present on the cloud.

Flexibility not only manifests itself through ease of access but also in implementing new technologies and changes without much cost and risk. Since there is no compulsion of a hardwired office, there is enough room to implement and change things along with the ability to revert back to the original system whenever wanted.

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Multiple platforms:
Mobile cloud computing provides access on several platforms unlike many traditional applications which are platform specific.

Having seen the opportunities that mobile cloud technology has introduced the world to, let us have a look at some challenges that stare it in its face:

One of the major concerns of cloud computing, mobile or otherwise is security. The issue gets magnified when it comes to mobile cloud computing because users share much sensitive information on mobile devices which can be of both personal as well as professional nature.

One prerequisite of using mobile cloud is good internet connectivity. Before you opt for such services, make sure you have a reasonably fast internet connection. It may be a frustrating experience when you want to access important data but are out of connectivity temporarily.

There are no two ways about the fact that mobile cloud computing has provided a new opportunity for development of mobile applications because it allows mobile devices to maintain a slim layer for user applications and transfer all computation and processing to the virtual environment i.e the cloud.

The limitations mentioned above may prove to be critical factors determining the use of the mobile cloud. However with continuous advancements in technology, it is very likely that solutions to these challenges become apparent in near future.

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