The Real Price Comparison Between CDN Providers

You can’t always believe the hype when it comes to picking your content delivery network provider. You know that if you go to Amazon, MaxCDN or Fastly you will see price comparisons that really don’t tell you much at all. The chart is there, but the details of the CDN comparison are missing. That is why it is so striking that CDNsun lists a CDN comparison chart that puts their real prices against the real cost of the other two leading providers.

Once you see the prices side by side you can see why so many people are choosing CDNsun over all the rest. By themselves, Amazon, MaxCDN, and Fastly look like great deals, but put them against the cost of CDNsun and it becomes hard to see how you could choose anything but CDNsun when looking at direct cost comparisons.

To do a real CDN comparison you have to know what you need.

CDN comparison
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Everyone can dress up the cost for a 500GB account.
The base comparison between each content delivery network runs at:

CDNsun  $20     MaxCDN  $39     Amazon  $60     Fastly  $60

At the 500 level there are certain assumptions made, first is that Amazon and Fastly will bring in people for whom brand association is going to beat research. These are the customers who may a content delivery network, but really don’t know what they are capable of doing so rather than research the possibilities they will go with the one with the branding of being cheap and fast – Amazon or Fastly. Anything with CDN in the name will be seen as too high tech and they won’t even look too closely. Those who know about how to do a CDN comparison will have no fear about looking at the details of CDNsun or MaxCDN. If you want a solid CDN, then you have to go with a provider that is a dedicated content delivery network.

If you need dedication, you need more room for traffic – so what’s the real cost?
Here is where the CDN comparison begins to get interesting. You can clear up the playing field by showing the Fastly prices with Amazon in the same column because there is no difference in cost between the two. The pricing is as follows:

1TB          CDNsun  $40         MaxCDN  $79         Amazon & Fastly  $120
5TB          CDNsun  $180       MaxCDN  $299       Amazon & Fastly  $600
10TB        CDNsun  $340       MaxCDN  $499       Amazon & Fastly  $1200
50TB        CDNsun  $1600     MaxCDN  $2560     Amazon& Fastly  $4400
100TB      CDNsun  $3000     MaxCDN  $4810     Amazon & Fastly  $7400

If you know what you need, then picking the right tier is easy. Getting the same amount of traffic for less on a reliable content delivery network is what you should be looking for. The brand name recognition they may have isn’t something that your web customer’s will ever be aware of; but your ability to keep your costs down is something they will notice right away. Between CDNsun and MaxCDN the closest, the number of points of presence will be the determining factor here.

It’s why they can offer the service so cheaply
In the content delivery network world, the number of PoP you have is what will determine how much of a cost savings you can pass onto your customers. CDNsun beats the rest in any CDN comparison because they have developed a way of providing everything that you need that is efficient enough on their end for them to be able to pass the savings onto you. It is that simple. CDNsun knows how to be a content delivery network that delivers 1st class service.

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