Some Great Business Apps for Android Users

Android is one of the most common operating platforms for smartphones and tablets. With the aid of the right apps, it is now possible to keep up with the needs of your business wherever you are and at any hour of the day. There are some excellent apps on the market to assist a small business owner – the following apps are some of the most essential:

Microsoft Office for Android
After the disappointment of Microsoft’s mobile office apps, it is now very reassuring to have the full feature version available to Android users. Word, Excel and PowerPoint have the same functions as the desktop version combined with large, easy to tap buttons. An additional benefit is that this software can integrate with Microsoft’s OneDrive. This cloud storage allows your files to be accessed at any time, on any device.

Microsoft Office for Android

Google Docs, sheets & slides
Until recently, Google Docs was the best option for accessing and editing files created by Microsoft Office. It remains an excellent product because it has a cleaner, more user-friendly face than many of its rivals. The software offers a complete range of tools and it is possible to edit files offline.


Google Drive
Google Drive is now one of many cloud offerings. It has the additional benefit of being fully integrated into the operating system. It provides flawless integration between QuickOffice to ensure your documents can be accessed and edited anywhere in the world. Basically, you can gain access to the Google Drive app from tablets, smartphones, laptops, and iPads. All you need is an account and an internet connection.

Microsoft Remote Desktop
The Microsoft Remote Desktop app allows you to access your PC from practically anywhere and utilize your normal programs. The software makes it seem as though you are sat right in front of your computer. This is great if you’re a business person who needs to stay connected but doesn’t have a physical office.
Microsoft Remote Desktop

OneNote is possibly the easiest to use the app for taking notes. It may not have quite as many features as a few similar products but this is more than made up for by its intuitive operating system. Notes taken are automatically synced to OneCloud. This ensures you never lose your work and you can access it anywhere. It works with existing Microsoft accounts and is, therefore, an easy to use option. If your product has a stylus this is especially good with OneNote. It can even read your handwritten notes.

QuickBooks for Android
QuickBooks is only available with a purchase of the desktop software. It is not a fully functioning version. It does provide all the key statistics which will enable you to make decisions whilst on the move.  The app allows you to track sales, dispatch invoices, and check recent payments. This is definitely a worthwhile companion for any businessman.

Square Register
It doesn’t matter how small your business is, you will probably need to accept credit cards at some point. Square Register will allow you to sign up and receive a credit card reader. Once you have the dongle this can be plugged into the headphone jack on your phone and you will be able to swipe credit cards to take payment. Although Square may take a cut of each payment, you will certainly be completing more business than if you could not take payment by card.

Expense Manager
Expense Manager is aimed at entrepreneurs and allows you to keep track of your finances. It has a very easy to use interface which allows you to monitor your business expenses. There’s even an option to view the data in graph form.

If you need to do a video conference or maybe just poach an employee from a company a long distance away, then Skype is essential. Skype remains the most well-known and probably the best video messaging service around. It is possible to connect multiple users or just check on the progress of one particular member of staff. This is one app no businessman should be without.


Google Calendar
There are a multitude of calendar apps available, but Google’s offering remains one of the best. It has an easy to use interface and automatically provides reminders of meetings and other important dates.
Which of the apps we just mentioned would you like to use first to help your company succeed?
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