One of the best ways to protect your computer from viruses
and other online threats is through an anti-virus program. However, there are
also other programs and solutions that can keep your computers and company

Firewall Protection

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is considered to be a popular and
effective firewall program. ZoneAlarm is well-liked because it easily
integrates with other security programs. This is mentionable because most
security programs are designed to report other competing software programs as
‘potential threats.’ Most importantly, ZoneAlarm has a unique auto-learn
a function that allows it to conform to the individual user’s behavior.


PeerBlock is a small, yet very useful IP blocking utility.
This simple program, which is also available in portable form, allows the user
to manually block or allow sites and servers. PeerBlock automatically stops
ads, spyware, and educational organizations from tracking your online
activities. This open-source freeware also offers weekly blacklist updates.

The Anti-Malware Leader

Emisoft’s Anti-Malware software offers a subscription
service that provides comprehensive protection against all types of malware, including
viruses, adware, Trojans, and spyware. The program comes with both anti-virus
and anti-malware engines and offers both real-time and enhanced banking
protection. There is even an intuitive behavior blocker function available.

The Most Popular Anti-Virus Program

According to popular tech website CNET, AVG AntiVirus is the
most popular security software download, with over 550 million downloads. AVG
offers both a free model for individual users and a Pro model for businesses.
This enhanced service offers excellent features, such as anti-spam and data
protection functions. AVG also offers additional online security programs, such
as their Internet Security and Privacy Fix programs.

The Second Most Popular Anti-Virus Program

According to CNET, the next most popular anti-virus program
is Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware program. Downloaded by almost 400 million users, this
unique software utilizes Bitdefender’s cutting-edge scanning technology to
provide complete system protection. In addition to this, there are also web
filters and rootkit and download protection available.

Outsourced IT Services

Sometimes companies simply do not have the IT resources to
manage their computer security needs. Luckily, Ottawa IT services are available to help businesses protect their network. Other companies will not only manage the security programs but can also assist with desktop support and system administration. An outsourced IT services company will provide effective IT support at a fraction of the in-house IT cost.
Computer security is the number one priority for businesses.
Every company should invest in an industry-accepted firewall and anti-virus
program. Additionally, an external company can also manage these services.
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