Make Money from Your Blog Using These Methods

Making money from blogging is a dream for many people. They have a dream of sitting at home in their underwear, posting a couple of blog posts a day and raking in the cash. However, the reality is that making money from a blog takes a lot of work.

Making any money at all requires effort, and bringing in enough to live on is tough. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can make money using a blog. So you can try different methods to find the ones that work. Some people will have more success with certain methods, and it won’t be the same for everyone.

Make Money from Your Blog Using These Methods
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Sponsored Posts
Some people post sponsored posts on their blog, which they might write themselves or could be written by someone else. They can take different forms, such as a product review or a blog containing links to a brand. You could be paid to write a review of someone’s product, they may send you something for free.


If you want to make money from writing about brands, you can sign up to some websites that people use to find bloggers. Joining blogging networks can also help, and so can including a “hire me” or “work with me” page on your blog. Brands may approach you by finding your blog, so make it clear you’re willing to work with them.

Pay Per Click Advertising
Many bloggers choose to use pay per click (PPC) advertising. You host adverts on your site, and you get some money every time someone clicks on one of them. The most popular network to use is Google’s program. However, there are a number of Google Adsense alternatives.

PPC advertising won’t necessarily get you a lot of money on its own. Although some people do make a substantial amount from this sort of advertising. There are other methods you can use, such as hosting your own advertising space. The important thing to remember is that the adverts should be relevant to your audience.

Affiliate Programs
Some people make money from selling brands’ products on their blog. You can sign up to an affiliate program, where you will be given a special link to purchase a product. When someone uses the link to buy the product, you get a commission of the sale.

For example, you might write a review and link to the page where people can buy the product at the end. Another way to do it is to have a store that lists items you can get a commission on. If you want to join an affiliate program, there are several that you can research and consider.

Sell Products
Lots of bloggers also sell their own products through their site. You might choose to set up a store to sell branded merchandise or relevant items to your blog. The things you sell don’t have to be physical. Some people put together ebooks, podcasts or videos that readers can download or subscribe to.

Making money from blogging is hard, but your blog can help you build your personal brand. Don’t forget to look beyond writing your blog posts for other opportunities.

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