Google and Movidius to Bring Machine Intelligence to its Future Smartphones

The leading multinational technology company Google has always favoured and encouraged innovative techniques to make life easier for it’s consumers and society as a whole.

This time around we can expect something really interesting as your smartphone recognizing you and the objects around you. In this regard, Google has partnered with Movidius (a chipmaker company that offers strong image recognition technology). The two companies have entered into partnership to make use of Machine Intelligence.

Google and Movidius to Bring Machine Intelligence to its Future Smartphones

Google as shown interest in AI (artificial intelligence) since a long time, the nascent technology category that many analysts believe to be the next big thing. Google Photos app, as you may remember, is able to recognise people in the photos.


Collaboration for Machine Intelligence
The Chipmker Movidius will be providing Google with its deep machine learning and visual recognition technologies as part of their collaboration.Google will also use the Movidius’ MA2450 vision processor in digital devices.

What is machine Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence?
Putting the term in simple language, it is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software and  ability of computing devices to see,understand and interpret images both in context and symbolically.

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These are tasks that we don’t know how to write the instructions for – that have to be learned by example and that are much more like the things that real brain do.”

The head of machine intelligence group at Google Blaise Aguera y Arcas said “”computers are becoming more and more intelligent in the sense that they adapt to us instead of us adapting to computers and having to learn their language”

The greatest advantage of artificial intelligence is that machines do not require sleep or breaks, and are able to function without stopping.

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