Execute a Social Media Campaign from the Comfort of Your Home


Running a marketing campaign on a shoestring budget or with people that do not possess prior experience is not the recipe for grand success. But, there are many creative and innovative ways to go about social media campaigns.

Execute a Social Media Campaign from the Comfort of Your Home

Do the homework
Many small business owners are faced with a lack of resources for marketing, and some of them have to work alone. Maybe you just built a solid website from your bedroom and now want to let people know about it.


In such cases, you should be prepared to show commitment, consistency, and dedicate a great deal of time towards achieving your goals. Everybody can create and keep a personal account, but digging and sifting through tons of content is not for everyone. Rule number one: Do your homework and know what you are getting yourself into.

Stand out
Social media is a highly competitive arena where users are bombarded with an overwhelming barrage of videos, spreadsheets and images. In such an environment, it has never been harder, but also more important to choose visual content that stands out.

Use simple image editing tools to design compelling visuals that capture the attention of the viewer. They are excellent for making a series of appealing photos for social media campaigns. For other kinds of content, utilize a combination of text documents and spreadsheets for an organized file structure.

Get organized
Few things are as important for running social media campaigns as getting organized is, but this does not come naturally for most people. Furthermore, you are not backed by the whole marketing department at your disposal, nor have a luxury of making mistakes.

It starts with small steps like deleting mails and messages that are not pertinent. Keep your tabs and windows open in a specific order to make the most of the time spent in front of the screen.

High on content
Managing social media activities is not the same as casual posting on Facebook. You must offer your audience a relevant and quality content, and do it regularly. Knowing where to look for content is paramount because without ample reservoirs you will soon run dry.

You must stay on top of trends on social media, and learn how to newsjack. This attracts increasing levels of internet traffic and widens your campaign reach. So, keep up the rapid pace by doing things like subscribing to industry websites and handy blogs.

In a timely fashion
It is a good idea to be constant about time you post on social media, so organize your content calendar. This enables you to make to whole planning process less time-consuming, even when coming up with content for multiple networks.

And if you find it hard to get a hold of all those to-do lists, know that there are applications like Wunderlist that synchronize them across various devices. Moreover, users may drop and drag tasks between days, share lists with others, set alerts, and due dates.

Automating schedule
Many people have great ideas, but not enough time to see them translated into social media landscape. To further simplify the posting, make an effort to schedule your posts ahead of time.

By automating all those posts and tweets, it is possible to do them in bulk, even while sleeping or being otherwise occupied. This will also allow you to focus on other duties and keep the publishing machine going.

Also, embrace the “Inbox Zero” mentality to always be aware of requests, contacts, opportunities and other happening in a bustling digital realm.

If you have a developed brand, then following the steps below will enhance your brand building process. For those that have not established a brand, the wisest idea would be to outsource the branding design. The reason is that it requires a specific set of skills and expertise, but is still affordable on a budget.

With all in mind, there is no real reason why any of us might not be able to do this sort of thing. Many organizations use old school in-your-face guerilla marketing, but those campaigns that stand out need to slowly move towards the digital realm, since people are more and more hungry for a piece of viral content.

If you didn’t see it online, it’s like I never happened. Right?

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Rizwan Ahmad
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