If you want to see a real life example of an individual’s career journey in IT industry starting from a trainee and ending up to be a CEO or even a vice chairman, then Mr. Vineet Nayar will be the best example. In this article of mine, I will be writing a few words about his big journey of success in IT.

Business Executive, author and philanthropist Mr. Vineet Nayar is the former Chief executive officer of HCL Technologies (2007-13).  Vineet Nayar, a small town boy from Uttarakhand was born in 1962 had spent most of his childhood in Pantnagar of Himalayas.

After schooling in Air force School Pantnagar, he did his Bachelors in engineering in the College of Technology of G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology in the mechanical stream and did his MBA in Jamshedpur.

Journey in IT from Trainee to CEO

He was a highly confident person. So being a small town boy he wanted to compete with the people in the cities, so he left his place of childhood and came down to Delhi.

After completion of his MBA, he joined HCL in 1985 as a senior manager trainee. He founded Comnet in 1993 which expanded it into a $1 billion company. He kept working to his best and in 2005 he became president of HCL. and CEO on 2007 and vice chairman in 2010. He worked in a wonderful way and increased the revenues of HCL during his journey.

The revenues increased by almost six times. In this journey of hard work and motivation Vineet Nayar made HCL win  awards like Most Democratic workplace in the world, Britain’s Top Employers, Best Employer in Asia, Workforce Management Optimas Award for HR Innovation in the US and much more.

In 2005, after becoming the president, he managed his team by applying a principle called as “Employees First, Customers Second” which helped HCL in increasing its revenues to 6 times. In this journey, he increased the total income of HCL to be three times more and the market value was seriously raised to double.

As an entrepreneur, he was born in 1993 after he founded Comnet and it paved a new pathway for the new business named as Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM). Now this company has turned into a billion dollar company. Its main principle was that the Computer systems should be based on only technology without human’s proximity. It is ranked number 1 in infrastructure outsourcing by The Black Book of Outsourcing.

He has been called as the “next Peter Drucker” of the most modern management. The reason for his success in his journey in IT is his hardworking, high managing and brutally honest nature. Honesty and hardworking has helped him turn HCL into a company with 600 % market development and 500% in revenues.

I have mentioned a brief of Mr. Nayar’s journey in his career. If anyone of you want to share some more examples of individuals who have succeeded in IT industry from a fresher’s position till a CEO’s position, please share it with us by commenting in the boxes below.

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