Facebook released its new and trendy tools that assist business to build Chatbots that can communicate customers and consumers in an informal language as it stabs to boost people to expend more and more time in order to perform more things on apps and social media.

What is a Chabot?
A chatbot is nothing but a software that permits you to chat in order to be entertained or to get the things done.  It replaces all the apps for example if you want to know the temperature there is no need to open weather app instead you can simply ask a bot which will give you the temperature details.

Technically how does Facebook Messenger Bot work?
Facebook messenger receive/send API permits developers to engrave bots that can auto respond to organized messages directed by the customer.

These messages can consist of the call to action buttons, links, and images. Facebook wit.ai AI engine can be used for the purpose of usual language interface which is good at converting usual language into a structured language.

What Problems do Chatbots Solve?
For the first when I came to know about Facebook messenger bot, I remained a minute confused Facebook is clearly all about connecting people all over the world.

So how do these new bots assist business? Well, there is the need to climb customer interaction with the brands than building significant relations among the people.

That’s acceptable, but is messenger the exact platform? In general, when we think about social media platform we mainly think about customer’s opportunities in order to recognize people over a brand with responsive impact. These bots provide you the utility to achieve your goals.

Why Chatbots?
Facebook is one of the largest public business that wants to make money for their shareholders, so there is a need to shrink friction and scale engagement like several Ecommerce platforms. That the exact reason why Chatbot came into existence which eliminates friction in the process of buying.

Why are chatbots significant for Ecommerce nowadays and what changed recently?

Chatbots are merely a worthy way to interact with the users where she /he has as plenty of time. In the messaging apps. It varies from the usual app or website where you try to make users come to you.

Using Facebook Chatbots

One can easily use a bot for the purpose of communication because it is more suitable and also potentially quicker and reliable because in general, you sent messages in order to start an interaction.

But now with the assistance of Facebook platform, one can easily make bots which immensely benefits e-commerce platforms.

Examples of chatbots

Here are few examples how chatbots can be used
1- A simple and nice example for chatbot which is new and also quite interesting is Chotu which is an AI robot on the Facebook messenger that can assist individuals in order to get information about vehicle owners from the registration numbers, phone numbers, wiki details, PNR status details and much more required stuff. Chotu replaces all the apps and provides all the needed information in your messenger with a single click.

2- Hi Pancho is another wonderful Facebook messenger chatbot which provides all the required information about weather. Pancho weather bot allows you to find out the weather results and also tells you where you are exactly at that time.

Examples of chatbots

3- Taco Bell offers an AI chatbot allows you to order you meal on your smartphone which allows their customers to interact through online in order to order desired meal.

Likewise, there are many such bots such as weather bot, Newsbot, grocery bot, personal finance bot, scheduling bot so on. Thus bots assist you to experience endless experience where you can build anything that is imaginable.

Why chatbots are such an immense opportunity?
One should possibly wonder why someone cares about chatbots as they were general text based platform but still it is considered as the big deal.  This all because at present people are using messenger apps more than social media networks.

People interested to spend much time on messaging apps rather than social media which is ultimately a huge turning point. So messing apps are no way the ultimate platform for future, and surely bots will be exactly how users access all types of services

This is the reason why Chabot is surely such a great deal. It’s possibly an enormous business opportunity for everyone who are willing to jump ahead and generate something what people exactly want.

Final word:
Chatbots are really a new technology particularly in e-commerce platform will stay, because they can make you tasks faster and also easier. Thus chatbots provide the fascinating way to assist customers.

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