Fallout is a video game series developed by Interplay Entertainment. It is a post-apocalyptic role play game. From its release date in 1997, till date total 4 games of Fallout have been released and all of them have gained good response from the gamers’ world. Bethesda Softworks owns its rights of production for this game.

Although the game has been with the gamers since 1997 till date (19 yrs) and all the 4 versions have been taken well by all. Still, for its fans there are many features which are still missing. With the news of soon to be releasing the 5th version of the game by Bethesda Softworks, the buzz over the desirable updated features has hit internet and the gamers’ alley.

People are trying to post and even the company is takin keen interest in such posts related to the features which are wanted badly by the fans of Fallout series. Till date, few features have been found common in most of the wish lists for Fallout 5.

Features Wanted In Fallout 5 From Bethesda
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Here we have compiled those keenly desired Fallout 5 Features Wish list:

1. Co-operative Mode/Multiplayer Mode – Ever since, the inception of this game, it has been always about the single player fighting all the mutants and trying to loot the areas. It has become lonely somehow and gamers are demanding a multiplayer option where 2 or more players could co-operate each other in fighting mutants or looting the areas. Even finding other humans who are unaffected by mutation phenomenon would be great.

2. Clothing Customization – There is hardly any choice of clothing and other apparels in the game. The minimum of the customization would be helpful like that of changing the color of the dresses or even the hair color. It would help players to create and love their avatar in the game.

3. Using Animals to Tame – Many are demanding an exciting feature of mounting over the tamed beasts to explore the areas and find a better/hidden loot. Till now, the player can use vehicle only to reach the destination but cannot wander around in the Wasteland. Finding and conquering the beasts to be tamed after is a great exciting feature.

4. Better Game Graphics – The world in Fallouts is usually greyish which sometimes gets boring. A demand for better/colorful world along with great game graphics is indeed a need with the competition posed by other games with superb graphics. Fallout 4 graphics were hardly any better than Fallout 3 graphics. Gamers hope for better graphics this time.

5. Stringent Survival Mode – The choice of building a house to settle down in case of threats posed by enemies is great but better would be if the house built is of more practical approach where any infiltration should lead to a permanent failure. It would make the game more exciting.

6. World Outside America – Till now, all 4 versions have shown the areas of American backdrop only. To break this monotony, introduction of new areas other than America would be a great idea. Backdrops like China/Japan, Europe, Africa, and Indian Subcontinent would add more colors to the game.

Hopefully, Bethesda Softworks will take into account all the ongoing Fallout 5 Features Wish list buzzing over the internet and produce a game version which breaks all previous records. As per fallout5news.com the game is expected to release in 2020.

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