Top Tips For Working Effectively While You’re Out Of The Office

More and more of us are choosing to work away from the office. While it may save the company a fortune in overheads and maintenance, open plan offices simply aren’t right for everyone. And even if you have a little more privacy at work, chances are you won’t get to see the light of day from the moment you arrive until home time.

Offices are proving to be unhealthy working environments. This is one of the reasons more and more of us prefer to work from alternative spaces.

Of course, a lot of us find it’s necessary to get out on the road and meet clients in person. Tech has become very good for video conferencing and online collaboration.

Top Tips For Working Effectively While You’re Out Of The Office

But often personal meetings are still preferred. So how can you maximize your productivity when you’re not at your work desk? And how can you be certain you’ll still feel motivated to work while you’re out? Check out these top tips to help you be an inspired remote worker:

Pencil & Paper?
The humble pencil and notepad still have a place in our lives. For a quick doodle or sketch, or just to note a momentary thought, these can be ideal. If it’s worth saving, you can duplicate it digitally. Simply retype it or take a photo or scan with your phone.

There are no boot-up times and no time spent hunting for the right app when you use traditional technologies like this. Of course, if you have mind-map apps and a digital pen, you can doodle away on your device, saving it straight to the cloud. Then it’s up to you if you want to share it with the world or not.

Quiet Space
Working well does require a quiet space. Distractions can cause you to lose focus or concentration. Try to find an area where the sound isn’t going to bother you. Y

ou should also pick a space where people and objects aren’t moving about too much. Sensory overload doesn’t do any of us any good! You can block out irritating sounds by using some Bluetooth headphones and your favorite music tracks.

Working at a quiet space

Breaks & Refreshments
Even when you’re on the road doing nothing but gripping a steering wheel, you must take breaks. It’s important to maintain your healthy diet while you’re out and about too. The brain needs feeding and nourishing as much as any other part of your body.

Don’t forget to get plenty of fresh air, daylight and exercise during each working day. It helps to improve your clarity of thought as well as reducing your risk of illness.

Connection is everything. If you’re not connected, you could be missing out on urgent news or communication. You can stay online by utilizing nearby wifi signals. Make sure you have a good data allowance on your smartphone.

Most office tools and communication apps can be used on your phone. If nothing else you can at least see documents in the cloud. A Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard could be all you need to ensure speedy edits and changes. Make sure you’re up to speed with the best collaboration packages. Use services like the Training Connections excel resource to help you do what needs to be done.

Good Phone Signal
A good phone signal is essential when you’re working remotely. Staying in touch so you can continue to collaborate and make informed decisions is important. If you are stopping at a cafe or shopping center to sit and do some work, make sure you’re near a window to maximize your phone signal. You can use your wireless Bluetooth headphones to make and receive calls, keeping you hands-free to type or make notes.

Good Phone Signal

Online collaboration using the cloud means we can be more organized than ever. Appointments and meetings can be popped into your shared calendar at any time so you can always organize your days. Task lists and project timelines can also be used to make sure everyone is on track and knows what needs to be done. It can keep your workload organized as well as your daily calendar.

Timing Is Everything
When you’re working away from the boss’s eagle eye and all of your colleagues, it’s easy to become complacent. You can find your working pace starts to dwindle, and your productivity can start to drop. Use time blocks to help you stay on track.

Short one hour bursts for each task can offer you the commitment and drive you need to succeed. After that hour, take a break and do something else for a few minutes. You could even move to another area. Then it’s time to push another hour of focused attention through. Keep in touch with the office as often as you can to help remind you that you’re not alone!

The devices you choose to travel with are very important. If you need to travel light, then you need to consider swapping your laptop for a tablet with a Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard instead. However, tablets are considered to be mobile devices.

This means your access to certain features may be limited to a mobile version. Check with your favorite online software packages what your limitations may be. If you can’t do it, then it’s time to pack the laptop.


Everyone needs a great range of activities when they’re working on the road. Bluetooth is still the preferred connection for your peripherals and devices. Headphones, keyboards, digital pencils and other gadgets can help you perform all the tasks you would normally do in the office. A hard case is essential when you’re moving about a lot.

Don’t forget extra batteries and additional storage capacity while you’re working remotely too. Pack all your charging cables, and carry everything in a weatherproof bag. Some people prefer backpacks so they can continue to be hands-free as they travel.

Working away from the office can be just the change you need if you usually work in a busy office environment. Finding the motivation and self-discipline to stay productive can be a challenge.
And the loneliness of being in isolation from your work team can also be quite tough. Use technologies to stay in touch and maintain your work ethic. That way you can work anywhere you need to.

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