Since last year Instagram has introduced many new features and has changed the way of user interaction with it. Today Instagram is considered to be one of the top social media marketing platforms, and many brands and businesses are using it for major promotions.Instagram has introduced many new and exciting features recently, and they are helping in better social media marketing. One of the features recently introduced by Instagram is the ability to post multiple photos. Now Instagram allows you to make a post with multiple images and videos in it.

To make multiple images post all you need to do is to click on the Add button, select the stacked boxes icon, select the images you want to share and then you can share with a filter or without a filter. You can use this feature to combine pictures and videos of your business as it helps deliver a complete message. You can add up to ten photos and videos in a single post by using this feature.

Here are a few ways you can use multiple image posts that help you better market your business.

Feature your product
This is a very simple way of using Instagram’s multiple image post features. It is a very basic thing that you can use this new update by featuring your product. Click the pictures of your best products and display them in a sequence or you can click multiple images of a single product, and you can post it in one go.

You can also use many creative ways to make multiple image posts to feature your product. You can also highlight the features of your product in images in a single post where you are adding your product and as well as its specialties. So you can use this new feature to present your product in more than one image or video.

Share what is going on at an event 
One of the best ways to utilize this multiple image post feature is you can start sharing pictures and videos of an ongoing event in the post. Many brands and businesses area associated with one or another event at some time.

One of the things here is that you should know your audience. If you are aware of your audience and you got followers who follow football, you can also share the pictures and clips from the match and in that way you will be the feature for your audience. So make multiple image posts for any event that is relevant, and this will also help improve your marketing.

Add step by step tutorials
Adding step by step tutorials is an excellent way of using the Instagram multiple-image post. In fact, it feels like that this feature is designed for step by step tutorials. You can add pictures of how to shop your product step by step, or you can add steps of how to use your product.

If you are a brand that is related to cooking, you can add the steps of making the food, and you can add videos to it as well. You can also add makeup tutorials if you are a cosmetic brand or you can use it in any other way that suits your brand or product.

Make behind the scenes post for your audience
Showing the audience what happens behind the scenes is an interesting way of using this new Instagram multiple image posts feature.

You can post the pictures and clips of how your product is getting manufactured in the factory, and you can interest your audience with it. You can also make behind the scenes videos of your services showing that how much your services do what is best for the customers.

Show user-generated content
Posting user-generated content on your Instagram account is a great way of using the multiple images feature. You can post the comments or reviews of your customers, and you can even post the pictures of customers using your brand.

You can also turn it into a contest by sharing multiple images of your different users and asking the audience to rate them. When you post user-generated content, it also shows how much you care about your audience.