Undoubtedly, computers are an integral part of our lives today and they will be even more so going into the future with Artificial Intelligence (AI)! Some experts even categorize smartphones as AI as they are an external intelligence of our own bodies that make us more capable. However, we will have to, create documents, send emails, maintain reports and more for at least a few years more.

So, it benefits us to learn how to type fast in order to accomplish these tasks successfully. Therefore, touch typing will help you greatly! Are you wondering, what this is?

Touch typing is the ability to type on the keyboard without using the sense of sight. Yes, you got it right! It is the subconscious mind that is used for typing on the keyboard.

So, without much ado, let us get started to learn the benefits of touch typing –

Increased Speed
The foremost benefit of learning touch type is increased speed. Amazed! But this is true! With it, you can easily type above 75-80 words per minute, while a hunt and peck typists would have to struggle for finding the keys and certainly type less which is 30 words per minute.

Need not Look at the Keyboard
An expert touch typist can look at the screen when typing; whereas this is not the case with the person who is an amateur typist. After all, he/she would have to visually look to see where keys are when he forgets.

Reduce Mental and Physical Fatigue
Typing exhausts a person both mentally and physically, especially if done while looking at the keyboard. Wondering, how? Well, You have to consciously focus on two things at one time, that is searching for keys and generating of output on the monitor, and your conscious mind gets tired quickly.

And physically you have to constantly bend your head over the keyboard to find the keystrokes so this is very bad for your back and you are likely to end up with the Question Mark ‘?’
posture when older.

But this is not the case with touch typing, instead, both mental and physical fatigue is reduced as your subconscious mind knows where the keys are, which automatically brings the hand over it and lets an individual type fast.

Accomplish the Task in Less Time
Touch typing not only improves the speed, but also the efficiency of an individual. Whereas it takes a lot of time to see the keyboard, with touch typing the task is accomplished effectively in half the time. Hence, you get to learn how to type faster!

Improved Health
Surprised to know about it! But it is true, my friend! Touch typing is better for your health as well. After all, your stress of hunting the keys is reduced to a great extent. Consequently, help in reducing the risk of stress injuries.

Less Error
Spelling and grammar mistakes are obvious to occur when looking at the keyboard. But with touch typing, you get an option to edit while you are typing.

So, go an idea why touch typing is important?

Great! Hence, it is a valuable skill that you must learn if you are not good at it!