How to Boost Customers Trust for Your Ecommerce Store

E-commerce has become too competitive owing to the increase in competition as a result of the proliferation of online stores. Customers have a wide variety of options available to them at the click of a button.

Building trust is of utmost importance as customers prefer buying from established brands as they have confidence that the products and services they provide are of impeccable quality.

A new online store has to work on creating a good reputation as well as building an attractive online store to drive sales and thus increase revenue. To achieve a successful brand, online stores have to come up with a growth strategy that covers both its customer and search engines. Here are some excellent ways to increase customers trust for your web store.


1. Quality, responsive web design
An attractive web design will make your online store more likable. It is important to come up with a responsive design when designing and developing your Ecommerce store. A responsive website will provide a stellar user experience on a variety of devices ranging from desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

With quality, responsive online store, the speed of website loading is increased; the picture quality is also excellent as the site realigns itself to fit any device it’s being accessed from. A responsive web design will provide the online business with an edge when it comes to tapping the ever increasing mobile device users.

A good web design should enable customers to navigate with much ease thus making them stay longer on the website.

2. Contact Information and stellar Customer Service
A website should have all the relevant information in regards to your telephone number, email, chat, and the physical location of your store.

A Contact Us page is crucial for any online store. When customers visit an online store, they should get what they want fast lest they move on to the next website. Having a Contact Us page means that all your relevant contact information can be accessed by a simple click. The contact details make online users visiting your store to have a degree of trust in your service as they have an avenue of getting in touch with you.

A real-time chat has nowadays becomes a central line of contact for customers. Many online customers prefer to get help from a real person when they are shopping online. Live chat helps increase sales as customers have at their disposal, someone who can walk them through a purchase if they become confused.

3. Transparency
Transparency is among the leading ways to increase customer trust. Customers want an online store that gives them all relevant information. To begin with, you have to display product availability. Customers hate it when they find out that the product they want to buy isn’t in stock at the time of check out. Pricing and promotions are other areas that require transparency.

Customers ought to know the exact price for each product that they add to their cart so that if the discount price is based on them buying in bulk, they will not be surprised to pay more. Promotions should be clearly outlined, and also, your shipping and handling fees must be displayed on your site so that customers can establish how much money in total they need to pay.

Just as you are eager to know more about your customers, so are your customers interested in knowing more about you.

4. Have SSL Certificate
SSL certificate is a requirement for every online store that receives confidential information from customers such as credit card numbers and passwords. To be PCI compliant, your e-commerce store should invest in an SSL certificate that can help to encrypt sensitive data. Purchase of SSL Certificates, cheap wildcard SSL will make customers trust your store.

5. Establish yourself as an expert
Customers love it when they know that they are buying from an expert. Therefore, you need to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Videos and blogs are some of the best ways of proving to your clients that you truly understand your area of trade. Having an e-book that is based on your products and service is also an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert, and will go a long way in increasing your brand popularity.

6. Solve your customers’ problems
Research on online business has established that the best way to succeeding online is to provide a solution for your customer’s problems.

It is an excellent business strategy that works wonders. Even if you have the best of products in your online store, as long as you do not solve your clients’ problems, they will move on to the next store. It is for you to research, talk and listen to your customers keenly identify what their problem may be, then come up with a workable solution to those problems.

To achieve this, you have to be honest about your products, give clear instructions on how your products should be used to achieve the best results, show how your products compare to other similar products, and finally prove that you are the best in your field.

7. Discuss your competitors
Discuss your competitors – yes, I mean what I’m saying here. A comparison is a brilliant way of showing your customers how superior your product is as compared to your competition. It is wise if your customers know that you are honest enough to admit when another product or service is better placed to address their needs. This builds trust.

8. Show you understand your customers and also request reviews
The best way to prove to your customers that you understand them is to come up with content that they can easily relate with. For instance, you can come up with material that has less or no sarcasm for senior professionals, but keep in mind that the young and trendy will move on to the next online platform if your content is too much stuffy and stilted.

When your online store shares honest reviews from customers, it is an excellent way to show that you have nothing to hide. You should encourage your clients to share content on the platform. It is a brilliant way of not only marketing yourself but also for receiving feedback from customers.

Rizwan Ahmad 
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Rizwan Ahmad
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