How to Create an Android Chat App for Your Business

In this dynamic world, chat apps have grown leads and bounds. From just being used for the personal conversations, it has reached to an enterprise level. Now that the conversation apps have entered the world of business, the developers have made chat apps discover their full potential at the entrepreneurial level.

When you build a chat app for your business, it fulfils your needs of team collaboration and connects all the peers anywhere and anytime. Following are a few reasons that make chat app development an essential and collaborative tool for the best communication.

How to Create an Android Chat App for Your Business

• Teams are able to stay connected for discussions, brainstorm, and conducting meetings.
• File sharing gets as easy as drag and drop. There is no more hassle of threaded emails and inbox checking.
• High-end security provisions like self-destructive messages, encryption, and more are helpful in the sharing of confidential information.
• Communication with overseas teams is effortless through messages, voice calls, and video calls at no expense.


• The delegation of tasks, follow ups, and their updates happen easily within a team.

How to Build an Android Chat App?
Here, we have the main concerns about the essentials which are required to be focused on creating an Android chat application. Once you are quite clear about these facts, your development team would be enough to take care of the rest.

• High Scalability
When chat conversations are expected to happen amongst millions of nodes where document sharing, multimedia sharing, and a lot more will also happen, it should get to be adaptively scalable for any sudden requirements. Conclusively, a cloud-hosted chat app could be great in this regard.
• Security
One way or another, security is the foremost concern in such a technologically advanced environment. HMAC encryption and end-to-end encryption is a must for chat apps these days, particularly for those which are used for business and official purpose. While the app is end-to-end encrypted, it prevents hacking attempts from the penetration of any information.

• Server
Your server must be cool enough that it may host a huge communication network. Also, it must be capable of transferring messages between several nodes at a specific time. The Ejabberd server is a one that would do well for such chat apps.

• Database
Besides hosting data that is transferred through chat windows, a chat app has to manage the login sessions of different users, and also achieve quick response for providing the experience of instant messaging.

Benefits of Using Android Chat Apps in a Business
Here are a few benefits that encourage business people to create their own business chat app for android users.

1. Easy to Use
Most of the times, chat apps are created like Facebook messenger and other similar platforms that are somehow familiar to everyone in the workforce. Since the platforms are capable of sending out alerts with options (see more, read more, or ask a question) for the receiver. You may ask the developer to easily change these options according to the requirements of the company.

2. Improved Performance
Most of all, when Android chat apps are easy to use, its functionality make workforce perform in an improved way. Every entrepreneurial app provides a saving for the time as well as money. No matter what layout an android app has or if its functionalities differ from other, it tends to reduce cost and create efficiency. Overall, it aids every business whether big or small.

3. Instant Customer Service
Such chat apps are slowly replacing live chats and other forms of contacts like emails and phone calls as well. Other than internal communications, you can design apps to answer the queries that are raised by your clients. In this regard, you can also use word recognitions for providing an immediate customer service presence through concise answers. These apps have made the waiting for a reply to an email a long-ago story.

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