If you’re getting in the business of creating software, whether it’s creating bespoke tools for businesses or running a SaaS business around a particular suite of tools you continually update, you’re entering a competitive market. It’s fast-growing and there are new opportunities being found every day.

However, there are several different businesses aiming to exploit, fulfill, and profit from those opportunities. Marketing is going to make a huge difference in whether you’re the one to do that or not. Here, we’ll look at how it helps you standout well above the rest of the crowd.

Find your niche
You might be rather flexible in your talents, and you might think that you have the potential to profit by being all things to all people at all times. However, the people who are looking for a piece of software that fits their needs aren’t looking for an all-rounder. They’re looking for someone who’s an expert in the thing they want.

For that reason, finding your niche, whether it’s in dealing with a specific customer or creating a piece of software that does one or two things better than all the other competitors, is going to give you a stronger market position.

In time, you can grow your scope, but you have to dig into that portion of the market as deep as possible before you think of expanding.

Have a brand with some pop factor
Software businesses need to be effective at communicating exactly what it is they do. Sometimes, this means you have to be dry in your copy.

Which means that finding what opportunities you can to create a brand that pops, that’s fresh and exciting, can help make it standout from all the other wholly business like enterprises you’re competing with.

Naming a startup well and creating a visual style that provides a bit more life to the business can make a big difference. It keeps the audience engaged enough with the brand, making it more memorable. It also makes sure that the sometimes-dry nature of the essential service descriptions is complemented by something more immediately palatable.

Get the first word in
Visibility is as important in standing out as having a distinct brand and aim is, too. When people think visibility in online business, they first think of search engine optimization and broad-reaching marketing. These efforts matter, but you also have to work to quickly convert the interested parties that click on your site, as well.

For instance, if you have an android chat app for the business, it allows you to offer responses to customer queries much quicker than if you’re waiting for them to come into the inbox. The user-friendliness of the site, providing as much of the need-to-know information up-front as is possible, answers questions before the customers ask them. Make every step of the customer conversion process quicker.

In time, your results and professional reputation are going to make positioning less of a concern. Until that time, however, you have to fight to stand out more than everyone else constantly. The tips above can help you do that.

Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.


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