Battlefield V Will Not Include Loot Boxes and Premium Passes

Earlier it was being expected that EA will bring the Loot Boxes and Premium Pass to its upcoming Battlefield V game as it had previously done with its Battlefield 1 game, but the good news is that EA has no plan to include the Loot Boxes and Premium Pass in its upcoming Battlefield game. A tweet from the official Battlefield Twitter account confirmed this on May 27. The tweet says, ”No loot boxes. No Premium Pass” suggesting that “all players will have access to the same maps and modes.”

Battlefield V Will Not Include Loot Boxes
Image: EA

Some earlier rumors had suggested that Battlefield V’s loot boxes would contain cosmetic items only. But now it is confirmed that there would be no loot boxes in the Battlefield V.

Battlefield V will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 19. Players who subscribe to EA/Origin Access and have already pre-order the game will be able to play the free early trial of the game on October 11.


Pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition will get players an early access to the game on October 16. However, the developer might also release an open beta, allowing everyone to get a chance to experience the game prior to its October launch.

Additionally, the full Battlefield V PC system requirements can be found here if you would like to check.

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