Picture-in-Picture Mode on MIUI
Image: MIUI

With MIUI 10 release last month Xiaomi introduces several new exciting features for Mi fans including full-screen display, full-screen gestures, new recent menu, and new volume UI and notification shade and of course the highly requested Picture and Picture Mode. But, if you don’t know how to use Picture and Picture Mode on your Mi devices then here is how you can use Picture and Picture Mode on MIUI 10.

How to Use Picture-in-Picture Mode on MIUI 10

  • Make Sure Your Device Has the Latest Android Oreo Running
  • Go to Your Phones Settings >> Additional settings >> Privacy
  • Now Open Picture-in-Picture
  • Enable for the App You Want to Use Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
  • Check the app’s own setting to enable PIP mode (e.g. VLC – Preferences – BG/PIP mode – Play in PIP mode)
  • Open the app and press Physical Home button

Please Note:

Not all apps support Picture-in-Picture mode for now, (App Developers need to add support for their app). 

To check whether an app has the option to activate the Picture-in-Picture you can manually check app’s own settings to check and activate it, you might also find a different method to activate the Picture-in-Picture mode on different Mi devices.

Picture-in-Picture Mode on MIUI 10

Usually, Picture-in-Picture Mode gets activated when you tap on the home button of your phone while using an app if you have already enabled it from the settings.

Currently, the Picture-in-Picture is working for VLC, YouTube, Google Play Movies, Maps, Duo, Whatsapp & for Chrome.

To enable Picture-in-Picture mode for YouTube app you will need YouTube Red subscription in order to use PIP mode.

To activate Picture-in-Picture for Google Map, you will need to turn on the navigation between two destinations and then press the Home key.

To use VLC in Picture-in-Picture mode you can go to VLC – Preferences – BG/PIP mode – Play in PIP mode, and then press the Home key.

For WhatsApp, you can simply press the home button while you are on a video call or with chatting with someone.