Blood Ancestors
Image: Steam

Snowpeak Studio the developer of the Blood Ancestors game has announced that it will be making the Blood Ancestors available on steam for players as an early access on August 16. The Blood Ancestors recently successfully passes alpha test. The developers have also released a brand-new trailer of the game.

As an early access players will be able to choose from 6 different classes out of 16. The full classes will be available with the full game launch.

“We’re thrilled with the success we’ve had so far with the open alpha,” said David Broto, co-founder of Snowpeak studio. “The feedback from players has been invaluable and inspires us to continue to improve the game in order to deliver the best possible experience for our players, we’re excited to bring Blood Ancestors to Early Access in just a few weeks!”


  • Fast-paced 5v5 multiplayer action
  • High Fantasy medieval world
  • Brutal fights in melée combat
  • Objective based gameplay
  • Choose between 18 characters with different gameplay styles (6 in the Early Access release)
  • Create your own build by choosing 3 styles (offensive, defensive, utility) from a pool of more than 150 varied skills
  • Extreme character customization
  • More than 6 multiplayer maps (3 in the Early Access release)
  • Fight to secure the Relic and unleash a powerful ultimate attack

If you want to know more about the Blood Ancestors make sure to check out the trailer above. The game is coming to PC, and the alpha is currently playable for free.