Nidhogg 2 Nintendo Switch
Screenshot: YouTube

Nidhogg 2 was launched back in August 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and later the game was announced to be available on the Nintendo switch as well but we didn’t hear its arrival date since then. Now Messhof Games has finally announced the release date of Nidhogg 2 for the Nintendo Switch on November 22. Messhof Games today released a new video trailer of the game which shows the Nintendo Switch banner at the start.

The video shows the gameplay of the Nidhogg 2 tug-of-war fighting game. Players can fight with up to 8 players together in a tournament to fight each other with a variety of weapons. The game includes a total of 10 stages from castles to Nidhogg innards.

The game can also be played locally or you can take hands-to-hands with your friends in an online multiplayer gameplay.