10 Best Brain Training Apps

Our brains are one of the most important organs in our bodies. We constantly focus on getting in shape, but without a healthy mind, you cannot be at your best. Investing in strategies to improve the function of your brain is one of the best investments you can make. If you are preparing for a comprehensive final exam, you know that preparing your mind is crucial to your success.

We constantly hear that spending time on our mobile phones can have negative effects. You can use your phone for negative reasons, or you can use it to boost your brain power. There is so much we can teach ourselves by reading good content. You can find apps for just about anything. These brain boosting apps were designed to entertain you while helping you train your brain.

1. Lumosity

This app is used by more than 90 million people. It’s a staggering number and it is growing in popularity. When you initially download this app onto your phone, you will be given a quick test. This test was designed in a way to evaluate your current brain function. Upon completing the test, you will receive a customised program to boost your brain power.

2. Peak

When you win an award for the best app, it’s no secret that it must be amazing. You can find a host of amazing games designed by neuroscientists. Having this backing is really important. The games have been thought through and tested to give you amazing results.

3. Elevate

Combining brain training with some social interaction is always a good idea. You can check your own scores versus those of your friends. It serves a great motivator. Understanding cumulative vs comprehensive will now be much easier. Elevate has been around for a long time and with the number of downloads increase, the app won’t be going anywhere.

4. Mensa Brain Training

Mensa is a large IQ testing organization and they have decided to come up with an app of their own. Having these experts design a brain boosting app was a good idea because of the knowledge on the subject.

5. Fit Brains Trainer

A brain training app that also works on the emotional side of the brain is a winner. The creators of this app thought beyond issues like concentration and problem solving. They also included factors such as social skills. This feature makes the app stand out above the rest.

6. Happify

Just the name alone is enough to make anyone smile. When you want to boost your brain power, there are so many factors to consider. This app made is easy by creating games that are focused on every avenue of the brain. They boast about the fact that this app can help with self-confidence, which is something we all can do with.

7. One Brain

We all understand that the brain is split into two section. These sections are focused on different areas of our lives. The one side is more creative, whereas the other side is more intellectual. This app was designed to accommodate both sides of the brain.

8. CogniFit Brain Fitness

As mentioned before, the fitness of our brains should be as important as the rest of our bodies. Understanding the comprehensive exam definition is not going to work if you only workout in the gym. Get your brain fit with this amazing app.

9. Clockwork Brain

This app is similar to others, except for the look they created. It has an old feeling to it with all the gold and brown used in the design. You can use this app to prepare you for a comprehensive final exam. The brain boosting power is incredible and will help you achieve better grades if you are in school.

10. Eidetic

When you are trying to memorize a lot of important information, this app will benefit you greatly. The idea behind the app is to boost your memory. You will learn how to remember phone numbers and all those passwords we all have trouble remembering.

How do you prepare for a comprehensive exam?

We all have our own methods of creating a plan to help us get through important exams. These apps are not just good for exam time, but a great asset to keep your brain fit. Having access to these apps gives us an advantage. Don’t be afraid that these apps will mess with your brain. It’s designed by experts who understand the way the brain functions.

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