WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps that not only provide an easy user interface but also provide secure end-to-end encryption to make sure the safest exchange of text and media between different Android devices. However, the messaging service is now getting even more security soon. According to WABetaInfo via XDA, WhatsApp is working on a new Fingerprint Authentication feature for WhatsApp for Android app.

WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication
Image Credit: wabetainfo

The source further reveals that WhatsApp is also working on a new redesign and improved Audio Picker section that will be available with WhatsApp 2.19.1 update. With the new Audio Picker section users will be able to send an audio file up to 30 max at a time and user will be able to play the audio before sending it to their contacts.

WhatsApp 2.19.1 audio picker

The website revealed that the fingerprint authentication feature is in an alpha stage of development and it will be available in future for any Android user having Android Marshmallow (and newer).

The source also shared the screenshots showing the new authentication option being added into the privacy setting option. Users will also be able to use their device credentials if the system fails to detect your fingerprint.

Since the new features are reported to be in alfa stage, we are not expecting them to be available anytime soon on our Android device. But hopefully, we finally have got some clue that the new features are now in it works.

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