Anthem Pre-order release date

On February 22 Bioware launched its most awaited action shooter game Anthem on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you remember, in our previous post we have covered the full details of the game, including Anthem’s Release Date, Editions, Pre-Order, and Pricing. The standard edition of the game was priced at $60 on all platforms, including PC, Xbox One and PS4. Now, the standard PS4 edition of the Anthem game has received a price drop. Now, Anthem PS4 version is available to buy at $51 on Amazon, meaning you will save around $10.

Now, players who have been waiting for some price drop to buy the Anthem game can grab this discount now. However, the Anthem has received the priced drop only in the US. However, the Xbox One and the PC version is still selling at $60.

So, if you are on PS4 and were looking to buy the new Anthem game then you shouldn’t wait now. Below you can find full pricing and edition details of Anthem.

ANTHEM Editions and Pricing

There two Editions of the ANTHEM which you can buy. The first one is the Standard Edition and the second is the Legion of Dawn Edition.
Buy Now on – Origin
Standard Edition – (Rs. 3,499),
Legion of Dawn Edition – (Rs. 4,799)
Buy Now on PS4
Standard Edition (Rs. 3,990),
Legion of Dawn Edition (Rs. 5,400)
Buy Now on Xbox One
Standard Edition (Rs. 3,500)
Legion of Dawn Edition (Rs. 4,800)