Apex Legends to Get a New Rocket Launcher Soon, New Leak Suggests


Have you been missing something like a Rocket Launcher in the Apex Legends game?. Well, if yes, then you might soon be getting that. A fresh leak from Apex Legends data miners has now found a new piece of code that suggests a possible new Rocket Launcher weapon coming to the Apex Legends game. If the newly leaked information is to be believed. The Apex Legends players may soon get their hands on with a new Rocket Launcher weapon in the game.

The leak from Apex Leaks Newson Twitter seems to show a filename labeled: ‘mp_weapon_rocket_launcher.’ Still, there is no official word on a new weapon something like this, But this might the first details about the upcoming explosive weapons from Epic Games.

Notably, Apex Legends has received a bunch of new items since its launch last month. However, this is not the only leak item that we have talked about. Some recent leaks have also suggested that there might be some new editions coming to the Apex Legends game including, a new Community Happy Hour’ and Night Mode.

Reports have also suggested that Epic Games will also be adding long rumored Wall Running to the game with their future updates. But at this point, we are not when this is gonna be happening.

In our earlier post, we had also reported about all the upcoming Apex Legends names and abilities.


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