Fortnite Spectator Mode Leaked in an In-Game Video Footage

Fortnite Spectator Mode

A Fortnite player on Reddit has shared in-game video footage of the upcoming Spectate feature. The Spectator Mode has long been rumored to be coming to the popular Fortnite game. While Epics games haven’t revealed any details about the Spectator Mode, the new in-game video footage will surely give fans a look at what they can expect from the long-awaited Spectator Mode in the Fortnite.

The in-game video footage Spectator Mode shared by a user named VastBlast on /r/FortniteLeaks. Below you can watch the video footage of the found new Spectator Mode.


New in-game footage of the upcoming spectate feature. We may see this coming sometime this season but there is no release date as of now. from r/FortniteLeaks

While we don’t know much about the upcoming Spectator Mode in the Fortnite game, the video on Reddit shows the player accessing the Spectator Mode. The player shows the option to watch a friend’s session or a specific game session which can be done by entering an associated game session ID.

There are still no details about when this new feature will finally be available to Fortnite.

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