Google Stadia tech demo

At the Google GDC keynote event on Tuesday, Google CEO Sindar Pichai and executive Phil Harrison introduced Google’s first cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia. Google also showed off the Stadia Controller, that can be used to play games on any devices, including Chrome, Android, and TVs of any screen size.

One of the key features of Google Stadia is to end the limitations of consoles gaming and provide multi-GPU rendering available to everyone through the cloud. This might get you to confuse that how the multi-GPU rendering actually works. To let you understand this, UL Benchmarks have shared a tech demo video of cloud-based, multi-GPU rendering on the Google Stadia platform.

The demo below shows how game developers can use multi-GPU rendering to create richer, more dynamic game experiences.

On its official blog post, UL Benchmarks notes, that they’ve been working with Google to create a real-time demo of cloud-based, multi-GPU rendering to show how games might use the extra performance available through Stadia.

Multi-GPU computing has the potential to make game experiences richer and more dynamic. But PCs with multiple GPUs are rare and expensive, which gives game developers little reason to explore the opportunities.

Stadia makes multi-GPU systems available to everyone through the cloud. It gives game developers the tools to push in-game graphics to new levels, the blog post reads.

We don’t know when the new Google Stadia service will be available and how much the service will cost, or will it be free?.