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AI has become an integral part of business operations in this era. For this reason, many companies are now investing in AI supported solutions to help improve business operations. One area in which AI functions the best is audio to text transcription. If you have to attend meetings, take notes, and give presentations for long hours, you understand why it is important to have automated audio to text converter online or on your phone. Here are the top 5 startups that offer solutions to convert audio files to text.

1- SpeakSee

SpeakSee is a startup that mainly focuses on providing the quickest solution to text transcription. SpeakSee makes conversations easy to hear for individuals who are deaf. The application immediately adds captions to video and audio files helping those who can not see or hear capture the information in the speech. This tool offers real-time translation of audio to text and may have some errors. It may also require integration with Cloud Speech API for real-time transcriptions.

 2- HelixAI

HelixAi is more of a research tool than an office tool. This tool is designed to help individuals who work with busy hands to retrieve data. It is mostly used by scientists, researcher, lab technicians among others to access reference data using their voice.

When working in a laboratory environment, your hands may be preoccupied and retrieving information may be a bit hard. Thanks to HelixAi, you can now retrieve valuable data from the database by using voice command.

3- Tetra

Tetra is simply an office tool that can be used by anyone. There are many situations when someone on the other end of the phone has to pays a lot of important information. Instead of struggling to write it down, just use Tetra to get the information. Tetra helps capture notes from your phone calls and can be used to note down phone numbers, residential addresses or peoples names among others.

4- Behavioral Signals

Behavioral Signals is one of the fastest growing startups for audio to text transcriptions. This tool is unique from the others on this list because it does not convert voice to text. Behavioral Signals converts voice to emoticons. This AI technology can detect when you are sad happy, laughing all from your voice.

5- Audext

Audext is one of the most important transcription tools. The most effective tool which transcribes audio to text is It transcribes audio to text and it is used to edit transcriptions. Audext makes it possible for users to match text to the exact audio moment on websites. In short, this tool helps you integrate your audio and text file into one with a seamless flow of information.

This application is the fastest and most convenient in use available on the market. This tool is very important especially when it comes to updating your website, creating explainer videos, creating demos and updating Vlogs. You should note that this app does not offer any help when it comes to the transcription of audio files with background noise such as music.

Where Can You Use Audext

  • It can be used to transcribe an interview to help offer visual assistance to those who cannot hear. If you are a journalist, you will need this tool to transcribe podcasts, press conferences among others.
  • Students can use this app to transcribe lecture notes. If you miss the lecture, you can match notes with the audio to get the correct illustrations.
  • You can add more information to voice memos and recordings from your phone. Just transfer the memo and recording to your laptop to start editing.
  • This app can be used to edit and store medical information during counseling sessions.

Transcription is an important aspect of AI that is used in most offices. Many companies are turning to transcription for the purposes of saving time and increasing efficiency. If you are looking for the best transcription tool, the above-mentioned startups will give you an option.

There are several startups that convert audio file to text while others offer emoticon services. The best part is that you can also edit your transcriptions using Audext. Each of these tools has its pros and cons. Chose one that suits your needs at the moment.

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