5 Tips for Building Visual Marketing Network in Your Store


In my never-ending quest to ease tensions of those constantly searching for a better visual representation of their store, I believe I’ve found a fresh five tips for marketing with visuals in 2019. And, unsurprisingly, almost all of them revolve around digital signage. These days DS is the best bet for retailers to successfully implement their visual marketing strategies: it is a perfect primary visual source for customer engagement, boosting brand image and significantly increasing sales, especially in retail.

Tip One: Build With the Right Digital Signage Provider. 

From choosing the right equipment, picking between HD or going FHD, understanding the mounting proses, the importance of proper display placement and to uploading that perfect digital signage app – your visual marketing will be a reflection of all of your digital-signage adjacent decisions. That is why the shortest road to success here is with a great DS soft provider.

Luckily, I think we have one for you: https://kitcast.tv/ is refreshingly great at all of the above mentioned. The company offers smart, an intelligent approach to any digital signage challenge, they have wow-kind of designs, all the must-have features and functions and, a cherry on top: their team will be there for you every step of the way. Seriously.

Their developers and system engineers professionally handled all of our toughest requirements and their team even offer mount of displays and media players. With so much competition in retail, a well thought out and seamlessly ran visual campaign is vital, stick with soft that can run a winning campaign for you.

Visual battle for customers begins long before someone actually sets foot in the store: the process of drawing the customers in starts outside of the store’s premises. 

Tip Two:  Start Building From the Outside! 

It’s always better when people come into a shopping mall with 300+ shops already having visuals of your store embedded in their minds having seen a beautiful DOOH ad on a display in a parking lot or in the mall window. DOOH displays have an extremely powerful impact: research shows on average a 24% of increased foot traffic.

Outdoor or window displays are there to make a first impression for your store; visually appealing with a clear call to action is a very effective way of separating your store from the herd.

Additionally, by adding mobile technology to the mix your store will see a significant increase in web site visits foot traffic and a boost in sales.  

Digital out-of-home and mobile integration technology offer store owners a strategic way to reach consumers on their path-to-purchase. Retailers are growing fond of the use of phones, DOOH, and beacons for targeting customers through a close proximity network.

Additionally, you can use QR codes for store app download, or to offer online shopping experience if visiting the store isn’t an option. So, when starting to building Visual Impact Productions – start outside. 

Tip Three: Start Building With the DS Design Basics. 

There are real scientific data behind the reasons humans are wired to respond to visual marketing. Our brains are actually made for visual processing. We can understand visual information in an instant and just adding an image boosts the recall to a whopping 65%. This means that visual content should always be favored. What this doesn’t mean is that displaying just anything on your store’s digital screen will do.

I find it amazing that we have so much wisdom to absorb and yet we easily come across uninteresting poor quality images, bad fonts that you couldn’t read if your life depends on it, appalling colors and buzzy backgrounds.

Understanding the basic rules of design is essential. There are specific guidelines you can follow for creating consistently engaging and visually-pleasing digital signage in your store, use them.

Tip Four: Build With New Tech! 

Over the years we have seen a lot of creative visual DS solutions in retail. So much so, that we’ve completely forgotten that digital signage was used a while ago just to replace the traditional printed advertisement, like posters, brochures, boards, etc.

Advanced DS has changed the way people approach shopping. Nowadays DS slogan seems to be: go big and make an impact. Amazing video displays, huge installations, impressive video walls are all widely used to successfully boost foot traffic all across the US.

Augmented reality is widely used in retail, as are the visually appealing POP displays that significantly increase impulse purchasing. Stores use interactive screens often with gamification to make the shopping experience pleasurable, and inform, educate and entertain.

A lot of new techs has been introduced in stores to accommodate those who prefer self-service to staff interactions: tablets, touch-screen displays, screens mounted onto shelves are designed to immediately provide customers with any desired information, video tutorials or product ads. 

There’s the ability for stores to program their digital signage to run ads according to the weather, there’s a new way to shop and pay for groceries with DS, there’s much more new and existing tech being introduced to shoppers every day.

Tip Five: Build With Creativity!

Just a short while ago Coca-Cola has launched a new kind of creative print and sound campaign. Yes, print and sound. Cola’s ads produced by the “DAVID the Agency” are the first print ads you can hear.

The whole campaign consists of still images that capture sound in print because our brains instantly supply the sounds to match the ad photos. It’s rather mindboggling. 

A remarkable campaign that has reminded all of us how powerful visuals can be. Of course, you don’t need to hire one of the most expensive ad agencies to bring creativity to your store – DS can handle that for you. Virtual fitting rooms, 4G video walls, AR interactive tech are all ideal creativity outlets for any store.


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