Battlefield V 1.15 Tides of War Chapter 3 Patch Notes Tweaks Vehicle Deaths in Firestorm, Weapons and More

Battlefield V 1.15 Update

EA DICE has finally dropped the latest Battlefield V update version 1.15 that was scheduled to go live on Aprils 30th for PC, PS4, Xbox One. Now the update is available to download and you can find the full Battlefield V update 1.15 patch notes below. The latest Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Update 3 patch notes list a host of new features, tweaks to vehicle deaths in Firestorm, soldiers, weapons and several PC-Specific Improvements to the game. The Update also brings More XP, Bug Fixes and Increased Armor Plate Carry Limit and More. Check out the summarised version of the latest Battlefield V update 1.15 patch notes below.

Battlefield V 1.15 Tides of War Chapter 3 Patch Notes


• Fixed the Valentine Autoloader Specialization, which was unintentionally active even if it
wasn’t selected. After this change, Valentine Mk VIII tanks without the Specialization will see
a 10% decrease in rate of fire.
• Fixed the position of the muzzle flash from the gunner positions of multiple vehicles.
• Updated the smoke screen effect for the Panzer 38t and Staghound. The smoke now lasts
longer and has more potential for creative use.
• Made the vehicle equipment smoke a bit more useful by increasing the area of smoke by
roughly 15-25%.
• Improved the visual effects for the 20mm cannon on the Panzer 38(t) and Staghound which
now have a red or yellow tint depending on if they are HE or AP rounds.
• The bleed out state is no longer triggered if players choose to redeploy while they are in the
top gunner seat of the Staghound.
• Fixed a bug with the Mosquito MK VI third person crosshair showing the incorrect missile
count if the user fired them all, then switched to first person, and once again back to third
• Tank Turret speed revision: The heavy and medium tanks have had their base turret speed
increased and the power of the upgrade has been reduced from 125% turn speed to 115%.
We felt that the base turret speed was too slow, so players were effectively required to pick
the turret turn speed upgrade to be competitive. By making this change, we enable more
diverse builds without sacrificing the physical feeling of the turrets. This change also applies
to AA tanks and tank hunters. Tanks should find that they are now more able to brawl with
infantry at close and medium ranges.
• The Ju 88C’s spotting camera can now be resupplied.
• The Blenheim now has 500 and 1000lb bombs instead of 250 and 500lb bombs. This change
should make the Blenheim more potent as a bomber and a better match for the Ju 88.
Additionally, the extra 40lb bomb upgrades are now mounted to the fuselage centerline,
allowing for more precise bombing runs.
• The Blenheim’s .50 caliber gun upgrade has been replaced with a nose-mounted .50cal gun
firing high explosive rounds. The HE rounds are more effective against heavy aircraft and



• Improved the Victory screen.
• Fixed an issue that was letting players leave and rejoin a game through their squads.
• Players are now able to use weapons and gadgets while in the Schwimmwagen passenger
seat if they entered it while being in water.
• Fixed a bug that would sometimes make it look like a dead player was crawling or being still
alive while prone.
• Increased the number of armor plates that a soldier can carry from three to five.
• Fixed a bug that would cause a weapon to be unintentionally fired after reviving someone.
• Fixed a glitch that would enable players to bring a weapon from the lobby into the Firestorm
• The danger ping time duration has been increased from 7 to 10 seconds.
• The health of soldiers when in the man downed state has been increased from 200 to 300.
• Rebalanced the amount of XP given to be more generous to make it fairer compared to the
amount of XP given in other modes.
• Players can now revive squad mates that died in vehicles.

UI/HUD/Options/Assignments/Other changes

• Fixed an issue that would cause the soldier stance icon to sometimes overlap with itself.
• The squad disarm scoring event text no longer shows brackets.
• Combined Arms now has matchmaking functionality.
• In Combined Arms, tooltips no longer show when you’re spectating a squad member after
you’ve been killed.
• In Combined Arms, zoom functionality for the mini-map has been enabled.
• Tides of War: The chapter rewards screen now takes you to last reward that you’ve unlocked.


  • Made multiple crash fixes and stability improvements.

PC-Specific Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes result in mouse input lag after players alt-tabbed the game or switched to windowed mode.
  • In Firestorm, players will now be able to initiate matchmaking even in the case that they had previously joined a squad in Firestorm and then left it.
  • In Firestorm, players will no longer not be able to matchmake if they had previously played with a squad and the squad leader had quit the game mid-round.
  • Fixed a rare flickering issue that could occur on the Narvik deploy screen.
  • The hotkey for using the X2 500lb bombs now shows the correct key binding when using the Mosquito FB MKVI.
  • In Origin when playing Battlefield V, the Rich presence statuses of your friends are now shown in the localization setting that you (and not your friend) have set.

You can check out the full patch notes here.

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