LED Lighting

Electrical bills are one of those that always give everyone a headache at the end of each month. Imagine this, you wanted to save and reduce your monthly expenses, but how can this be possible if you keep on paying electric bills bigger than you expect?

You are probably thinking by now that you’ve already saved electricity by not using air conditioning as well as your refrigerator. But little did you know that your traditional lighting is what makes your electrical bill bigger. It is now time to switch to LED lighting where electricity consumption will no longer be a hindrance to your budget!

How can this be possible? Let’s start by finding out the reasons below why LED lighting can save your electricity.  

1- Very Low Voltage

LED lights are energy efficient. It means that they use less electricity than traditional lightings like a fluorescent light. They are believed to produce 95% light and 5% heat which is way better than the 5% light and 95% heat produced by traditional lightings.

You probably think by now that LED lights are still expensive than traditional lights. However, there is no comparison when it comes to the advanced features of the low voltage LED lights that will truly surpass your expectations from saving your electricity.

Remember that if the lightings you use are energy efficient, there is a lesser chance of higher electrical bills to pay. By this reason, it will not cost you much in the long run with regards to electric bills.

2- Light Efficiency

Traditional lights like fluorescent and incandescent may be bright for you but the lighting efficiency of LED lights will surprise you. Unlike traditional lights that are too bright and too focus on one side of a room, LED lights are properly distributed to illuminate the whole room.

You will no longer be needing more lights if you use LED lights. Thus, giving you the chance to save electricity with the use of one LED light compared to various fluorescents. Therefore, it will not only benefit the directions or illumination of light to your home but will also help you pay less.

The lights of the LED produce 180 degrees unlike the usual 360 degrees of traditional lights. This special feature of LED lights keeps the overall efficiency that drives up the brightness or light focus for the whole room.

3- Dimming Capability

Dimmers are no longer new in the lighting market of LEDs. They are mostly used anywhere for better illumination that creates the best mood of the place. Additionally, when you have the full control of the LED lights, dimming them will only reduce the watts, which in return gives you the chance to save more electricity.

Remember that dimmers are only meant for LED lights and will not work on other traditional lightings. Furthermore, the use of dimmers will help increase the lifespan of the LED lights, giving you more distinct reasons why you should switch from traditional to LED lightings.

4- Heat Absorbant

One of the best features of LED lights is its capacity to absorb heat instead of emitting them. Heat is usually considered to be one of the factors that cause more electric consumption. However, LED lights as mentioned above, only give off 5% heat which means that you don’t have to use your cooling machines such as air condition to rehydrate or fight the heat in your room. This way, you will have less spending on your electrical bill.

5- Incorporate More Switches

Since the house is divided into different areas, living room, comfort room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more, it would be best to get each room with a switch. Ideally, you don’t want one switch for all your LED lights because surely when you’re in the living room, you won’t be needing to turn on the LED lights of other rooms.

Switches are really affordable. Moreover, you can install these LED lights to the place where you want best to accommodate more of your lighting needs.

Additional Lighting Tips to Save Electricity

  • Use natural light more often.
  • Use task lighting for smaller tasks.
  • Don’t forget to switch off the lights when not in use.
  • Compare Lumens of the LED lights.
  • Use traditional or battery-powered lamps.


Truly there are many ways of how you can save electricity but you should start saving by providing your home with efficient lights! By the reasons we have provided above, we are sure that you will no longer miss the chance of getting LED lights that are not only right for your budget but for the conservation of electrical power that everyone can benefit!