Nintendo Retail Store in Israel
Image: Nintendo

Last month Nintendo launched its official online store in Israel to bring its popular Nintendo Switch consoles, games, and other products to its customers in the region. Now it seems that Nintendo is going to launch its second official retail store in Israel in Dizengoff Center mall in Tel Aviv next month.

The new store in Israel will be Nintendo’s only second store in the world after Nintendo launched its first retail store last month in New York at the Rockefeller Center. Notably, Nintendo has also announced to open its retail store in Tokyo Japan this Fall.

According to the several reports, the official Nintendo store will be opened in Israel at the Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv in June 2019, offering Nintendo game consoles, games, 3DS/2DS systems and other official products.

The second Nintendo store is said to take up 150 meters of space and is slated to open in June next month. The store is supposed to become a kind of meeting place for gamers and Nintendo fans.

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