Watch Dog 3

There is nothing that Ubisoft has confirmed about the next Watch Dogs games as of now. There are only rumors and leaks which we have been following since the last couple of weeks now. The upcoming Watch Dogs game which likely to be called as the Watch Dogs 3 recently reported to be set in London this time and could also see a launch date later this year. Since we haven’t seen a new Watch Dogs game from the last one that was released back in November 2016. There are chances that Ubisoft could reveal some new details regarding the upcoming Watch Dogs 3 game in the next coming weeks at the E3 2019.

Watch Dogs 3 Story, Gameplay Details Leaked

The first potential leak which came out and started all the hype about the upcoming Watch Dogs game was hared by a user on Reddit around three months back. As its main highlight, the leak details revealed that the upcoming Watch Dogs 3 game will be set in London and will feature a young lady named Sarah as the main character in the game. You can check out the screenshot from Reddit which had revealed the details about the upcoming Watch Dogs 3 game.

The leak at the end also reveals that the Watch Dogs 3 will be showing off two weeks before E3 with a full gameplay reveal at E3 2019. The leak also hints at a possible November release date for the upcoming Watch Dogs 3 game.

New Rumour: Ubisoft To Reveal Watch Dogs 3 Around May 24th

According to a rumored report that recently came from a German gaming site, Spiel Times. Two fo their industry sources, one of which is a former Ubisoft employee and has also worked on Watch Dogs 3 has claimed that Ubisoft will announce Watch Dogs 3 on around May 24th by releasing a short teaser. If this is going to be true, we will see the first Watch Dogs 3 later this week. According to the ex-employee, most of the potential leak is confirmed to be true.

According to the second source who is a developer confirmed that the game will be set in London, notably, this has been also confirmed by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier. The sources have confirmed that the game will feature a young female protagonist named Sarah and she works for an anti-terrorist organization branch that deals with cybersecurity.

Further, players will be able to skateboard in Watch Dogs 3, as well as graffitis will also be available in the game. The further they claim that, like in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, players may have the choice to pick between a male and a female protagonist, but they are not hundred percent sure about this as of now.

Since all these details are just a mix of rumors and leaks, we can’t be a hundred percent about what’s actually cooking behind the walls. Since E3 is just around the corner we hope to get more details on this soon.

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