Sony Confirms, PS5 Will Provide More Immersive and Seamless Gaming Experience on PlayStation Now

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In a press release today, Sony made a statement which revealed that Sony’s next-generation PS5 (PlayStation 5) console will provide a more “immersive” and “seamless” gaming performance on its cloud-based PlayStation Now online subscription service. According to the release note, Sony made the announcement during its Corporate Strategy Meeting that was hosted by Sony Group CEO Yoshida Kenichiro today.

Sony made this announcement while recalling the 2018 fiscal year profits and plans for the medium-term strategy for the 2018-2020 fiscal year. While making its comments on the upcoming and the next-gen PS5 console, Sony revealed that the next-generation PS5 will have “immersive” gaming experience and “seamless” PlayStation Now online performance, thanks to significantly improved graphics performance and improved cloud systems.


The two keywords for the future direction of PlayStation® are “immersive” and “seamless.”

  • Next-generation console: “Immersive” experience created by dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds, achieved through the employment of further improved computational power and a customized ultra-fast, broadband SSD.
  • PlayStation streaming: Through the evolution of “Remote Play” and “PlayStation™Now,” provide a seamless game experience anytime, anywhere.
  • Remote Play: Turns PlayStation®4(PS4™), which is expected to reach 100 million units in cumulative sales this calendar year, into a streaming game server, providing streaming content at the closest point to users.
  • PlayStation Now: Provides immersive game experiences to users regardless of whether they own a PS4 console at all.

Sony also demonstrated the speed of the new PS5 console that will come with customized ultra-fast, broadband SSD, comparing it with the speed of PS4 which showed 10 times faster speed on the new PS5 than the speed of PS4. You can check out the video below.

Sony has also confirmed that its next-gen PS5 console will come with third-generation, 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU built with 7-nanometer Zen 2 microarchitecture, alongside a customized Radeon Navi GPU capable of ray tracing.

Sony has also announced its partnership with Microsoft to improve its PlayStation Now cloud infrastructure.

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