World War Z update 1.04

Saber Interactive has now released the latest hotfix patch update 1.04 for their Koop shooter game, World War Z for PS4. There is no word on whether the latest World War Z patch update 1.04 will also be available for PC or Xbox One or not. However, the latest update for the PS4 doesn’t seem big and it largely brings fixes to some crashing issues which World War Z players were facing on the PS4.

According to the latest 1.04 patch notes for World War Z, it brings fixes to frequent crashes on a loading screen and also for frequent crashes affecting PS4 Pro users. Additionally, the latest update is also said to bring fixes to a large number of gameplay crashing issues.

Check out the World war Z 1.04 Patch Notes Below

We’ve just released a hotfix for PS4, fixing some crashes:

– Fixed frequent crashes on a loading screen.
– Fixed frequent crashes affecting PS4 Pro users.
– Fixed a large number of gameplay crashes.

If you have any issues, please let us know, thank you!

If you are planning to download the latest patch for World War Z then you should be aware that it’s not a small update and will take around 10GB storage on PS4 according to a user on Twitter.

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However, when asked by the users on the official World War Z Twitter post that why the update is of 10GB then there was no reply from the dev. Notably, the previous World War Z patch 1.03 update size was around 15GB and its brought a ton of fixes including, Stability, Gameplay, Minor fixes in UI and Trophies related issues.