Fallout New California

If you have been waiting for a new mode that could bring a new world, new story and hours of new gameplay then folks Thaiauxn at Nexusmods has got you covered. Thaiauxn via Nexusmods has released a new and an unofficial Fallout: New California mode for the Fallout: New Vegas. The new Fallout: New California mode according to the changelog brings a whole new world (around 2/3rd the size of Fallout: New Vegas’ map), offers from 6-8 hours to 15-30 hours of new gameplay, and packs 13 endings.

In, addition, the Fallout: New California mode adds 16,942 lines of dialogue. 14,877 of which are voiced by characters and non-repeating from 60 volunteer voice actors. It also brings 48 main quests, new textures, and meshes.

The version 2.2.1 also optimizes landscape normals from uncompressed to DXT1 as well as brings some LOD textures and cut LOD atlas to half its previous size. It also fixes Union City bar SCOL which was causing the crash.

For full changelog and full details on downloading and installing the new Fallout: New California mode, you can simply head over to this link here.