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Do you want to read WhatsApp messages of your children? Fortunately, you can do this without touching their device. Cocospy is a fantastic spy app to keep an eye on your children, business partner, employee, or spouse. If you have trust issues, feel free to obtain necessary information from Cocospy. It is an excellent way to clear your doubts instead of spending your whole life into confusion.


However, manual methods are available to extract WhatsApp data, but these are risky. You will be caught while hacking WhatsApp. To ensure your safety, always use a safe route like Cocospy.

How to hack WhatsApp account via Cocospy?

Do you wonder how to hack WhatsApp? Cocospy is the right answer to your questions. With millions of happy users around the world, you can’t doubt its reliability and trustworthiness. Moreover, TechRadar, CNET, Life Hacker, New York Times, Forbes recommend the use of Cocospy to keep an eye on your children. It is equipped with numerous strong features to hack WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, etc.

Hack WhatsApp

Unlike other spy Apps, Cocospy is easy to install in an iPhone without jailbreaking it. If you want to install it in an Android device, there is no need to root your phone. These features give it a competitive edge. You can monitor an iPhone or Android phone secretly. Cocospy will work stealthily in the background.

  • After hacking a WhatsApp account with Cocospy, you can check all sent, received, and deleted messages from a phone.
  • You will get access to group chats.
  • Check contact details of the target user.
  • Read all new and old messages.
  • Monitor media content being exchanged via chat.

If you want to hack an iPhone, it is essential to have iCloud credentials of the target user. In Android phones, you can install this spy app directly.

Cocospy settings

Before purchasing Cocospy, feel free to evaluate its features with a free live demo. Follow these steps to hack a WhatsApp account.

Sign up to create a Cocospy account.

  • For Android, install Cocospy app to get access to the target phone. Once the installation is complete, you can hide its icon.
  • For iPhone, enter the iCloud credentials of target users in the dashboard of Cocospy
  • A dashboard will give you access to a target phone. Check the left-hand panel to find numerous options. Select WhatsApp from this list and start monitoring a target phone.

No doubt, Cocospy is the best method to keep an eye on the activities of a person. After installing this spy app, you can track location, messages, calls, and browsing the history of a target phone. Some alternative methods are also available to Hack WhatsApp.

Cocospy app

Use Online Web

Internet may help you to hack a WhatsApp. You can use websites for hack available on the internet. Google may help you to find many links. Feel free to select any one based on your convenience.

After selecting a link, you have to enter the target phone number to hack its WhatsApp account. You will get results in a few seconds. This method can be useful to play a prank with friends or for fun. If you want to hack a WhatsApp account for some serious reasons, this method is not reliable. With a slow connection, you may not get fast results.

Spoofing Methods

It is another method to hack a WhatsApp account. This method is complicated because it needs some technical knowledge.

You will need Mac address of a device for spoofing. Remember, WhatsApp comes with a small loophole that permits you to use a similar application on your devices with MAC address. The target device’s address is necessary for spoofing method on your phone. To find Mac address, you have to follow these steps.

  • iPhone: Settings – into general – About – Wi-Fi address
  • Android: Settings – about the phone – check status – Mac Wi-Fi address
  • Blackberry: Options – device – status info – address of WLAN MAC
  • Windows: Settings – about – info – MAC

WhatsApp Web

You can hack WhatsApp with its web version. For this reason, you must have physical access to a target phone. Now, Open WhatsApp on a target phone and hit on the “menu” at the top corner.

Tap on “Web Button” of WhatsApp. Open You have to scan a code to log in WhatsApp on your desktop computer and keep it signed in. For this method, you will need the QR code of the victim of mobile.